Enabling WiFi calling?

Is it possible to enable WiFi calling on my FP2? It’s included as part of my Vodafone UK contract but I’m not sure if it’s device-specific or not. More info here: https://support.vodafone.co.uk/Network-and-coverage/Wi-Fi-Calling/


In the link you have I read [quote]
Wi-Fi Calling is only available on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge when bought directly from Vodafone at one of our stores, online or by phone through our customer service team.

Fairphone is also a phone on Android, but not bought by Vodafone, which gives me the idea that it won’t work on a Fairphone.

If your “home-phone” works per VOIP over your router, then you can use this connection with “Linphone” (and similar) on your smartphone. Very easy with Fritzbox …

The app LibreSignal available in F-Droid app-repository has a WiFi Calling setting.
I’ve always wondered what it could be. It may work on your mobile network.

If you have all your credentials of a SIP provider ( I use sipload.de) than you can set up the FP2 directly to use the WLAN connection for this, as Android itself already supports this feature.
You don’t need any another app for this.

If vodafone gives you this credentials, you have to check.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I found it! Not in the main settings but in the settings menu of the Phone app.

"Some mobile operator plans provide Wi-Fi calling. To use this feature, you need to turn on a setting on your device. You’ll only see this setting if your mobile operator supports Wi-Fi calling.

“Open the Phone app on your device.
Touch the menu icon.
Touch Settings, then Calls.
Switch Wi-Fi calling to On. If you don’t see this option, that means your operator doesn’t support this feature.”

On the FP2 it says ‘internet call settings’ and it seems to be on by default. Now I just have to find somewhere with no mobile signal but good WiFi to test it…

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Can’t you just turn off mobile internet?

I don’t think that actually disables the normal phone functionality, just the mobile data… or does it?

I thought you wanted to make sure you are not using your mobile data.
I never used the internet call function, but there should be a button (in contacts, or the phone app) to place an internet call, isn’t there?

Quiet easy: enable “flight mode” and after this just enable only the WiFi (which can be done seperately).

Or after you set up your SIP account you can choose “Make calls with” --> “always ask” in the setting “Phone Account settings”, right in the same menu where you found “internet call settings” to test/use it…

“Internet Call Settings” is not “Wifi Calling”.

It is to setup a SIP account. i.e. setup the SIP account of your landline (if it uses VoIP). Wifi Calling it all automated and managed by your operator. There is nothing to configure for Wifi Calling besides of activating it. But note that Wifi Calling is not that cool. 1st of all, it just uses Wifi instead of your 3G/4G connection for calls, but it still consume your package if any. Also, if you move, your might lose the connection. As long as I know, roaming from Wifi to 3G/4G is not that good, if existing. Finally, Wifi Calling will force your phone to try 1st to use Wifi for your calls instaed of 3G/4G even if there is a much better 3G/4G network then the Wifi connection you’re connected to.

The only good reason for Wifi calling to exist is for operator to undersize their network. When people are using Wifi, they can have more subscribers on 3G/4G network. Personnally, I wouldn’t use Wifi Calling unless I have no other choice, i.e. no network except wifi…


@ Jane_Baker: Did it work with your fairphone? I’m also living in an area where the mobile network isn’t that good … Would be great if wifi calling works on it … My phone provider just lists the obvious suspects, iphones and galaxies.