Emails suddenly not sending but staying in outbox

Suddenly I can’t send e-mails - they just sit in the Outbox. I can receive ok +
I haven’t changed any settings.
This seems to be an identical problem to one raised by EcoAndi, but as there didn’t seem to have been a solution (though lots of ideas) & especially as it was raised 4 years ago now (way back in July 16) I thought it worth asking again & will be really grateful for any help.

Like EcoAndi, I’m using the Email app that came with the phone.

One solution suggested then was to use another email client & I might try this but, like EcoAndi, as it was all working fine until the last few days, I thought there might be some solution especially as open source programs were suggested for non special use, whereas I use this email address for work.

Very grateful for any help with many thanks,
Andrea (yes, like EcoAndi, I’m also a UK based Andrea!)

Did you try basic troubleshooting such as sending the said emails a second time to see fi they go, waiting, restarting the phone, suppressing your account and setting it up again, etc?

OpenSource programs such as FairEmail or K9-Mail are great and will be much better than the basic Email app that came with the phone, for any use you may have of them which is not very specific. @Amber was mentioning “for non-special use” because he was using a commercial app for a very specific use (if I understood well). That doesn’t mean the other apps can’t be used for work.

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Thanks for your reply, Alex. Yes, I tried a number of things over several days, including sending the emails at different times, thinking at first it might be a signal issue (I don’t have wifi & use Giff Gaff, which uses the O2 network); & yes, the phone would have been restarted in between several goes as I shut it down at night time ( I loved the facility on the FP1 where you could set an alarm which would switch the phone on before ringing :smiley: ). I didn’t try deleting the account (& don’t know how to suppress it) & setting it up from scratch, though, so I could try that option… Just seems weird that after over 2 years of unproblematic use, part of the email functionality has simply stopped working!

Thank you for your input on the open source programs & for clearing up my misunderstanding of Amber’s comment. Now, with that reassurance that the OpenSource programs you mention are fine for work & are actually better than the Email app that came with the phone, I I’m going to try that option. Which of FairEmail & K9-Mail would you say might be easiest for non technical users?

Many thanks again, Andrea

Are you using that email account / email provider exclusively on the phone? Or can you use it on a computer as well? If the latter is the case, I would try if sending emails works there. If it does, there could be an issue with the (slightly outdated) security level of Fairphone OS on the FP2.


Although it happens quite seldom, providers change configurations now and then. (Some clients try to detect settings automatically, but that does not always work out right.) Therefore I would open the support website of your mail provider and check/compare their recommended settings to those which are currently set in the account used by your mail client, which is


Both I’d say.
Having used both, I like FairEmail more, as it’s simple, works well, is kept up to date, but still has advanced functionalities if you need or want, and I feel like FairEmail is a bit more user-friendly. But it’s just my opinion of course.
The one that will be the nearer to the email app for the interface might be K9 though.
But you can try the tips of the others before switching.

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Thankyou urs_lesse Yes, works fine on my PC. Interestingly, it was a change in security protocols (I think) that meant email suddenly stopped working on my FP1 back on 1 July’18; when I finally found out what the problem was, I ended up getting my FP2 as I knew the FP1 was no longer being supported. My understanding is that FP2 IS supported though, come to think of it, I haven’t seen an OS update for a while…

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An update to Android for the FP2 has been announced and is currently in beta. Release date not yet known, but there is hope.

Best wishes,


Ah, great news, thank you Thomas. That’s comforting actually & meantime I’ll embark on exploring open source email clients :smiley:

I highly recommend FairEmail. Caveat: You can configure EVERYTHING in this app. So you should know what you are doing.


Plus: FairEmail offers presettings for popular mail providers, so chances are high that the app works fine.

However, it would be interesting to find out what has changed…


Will let you know how I get in with FairEmail then. SO far, haven’t got it to bring in emails yet, but I wonder if I may need wifi to do this for the first time so will go to a cafe this afternoon :slight_smile:

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It should work flawlessly with a common mobile (e.g. 4G) connection to the Internet.

Mmm must have done something wrong then… Will look again - thank you :slight_smile:

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Sorry for misunderstanding. “Special use” could be necessities for office work for example. Or special other needs. “Commercial software” doesn’t mean easier handling. In contrary, sometimes it’s opposite, though it may LOOK easy at first glance.

As an example, I find e.g. Outlook has a lot of bells and whistles, mostly unneccessary, while the important settings are somewhere hidden and usually left untouched because of unclear description if found at all. Many open source software in contrary is much easier to set up in my opinion and guides you through the process.


Thanks so much for this clarification, Amber, that’s really helpful & encourages me to go on with trying FairEmail. I was having some problems but it does look as if it’s well worth having another look. Hope to report back soon :smiley:


Nope, I think you have not used Outlook for years. Configuring Outlook is really easy nowadays, but its focus is on business. I would not recommend it to non-business users, those should be fine with other mail clients like FairEmail.


I’m using Outlook for business. I find it awful.

Success! Thank you so much, everyone. In a roundabout path, where I’ve learned more than about FairEmail, I now have it working on my FP2 AND can send emails from my phone again for the first time in over a week. :smiley:

Your help & all your quick responses to my ponderous working through the problem have been greatly appreciated. I haven’t met any of you but feel I want to send hugs to all :D! Thank you again :smiley:


And which workaround? I have the same problem in my tablet. When resetting the account, it sends out, but the next email won’t be sent. I guess it is again something to do with a change of configuration from provider, a tick or port thing, not FP2.