Emails suddenly not sending but staying in outbox

Hello Elena_Bo,
For this problem, I switched from using the email client that came with my FP2 (the one just called Email) to FairEmail.

I have had an email problem since then, where emails suddenly stopped coming IN to FairEmail though I could send them fine. I didn’t get to the root of what caused this problem either, but I solved the problem for me by deleting my email account from my FP2 & setting it up again. The set up was using the FairEmail wizard, so I’ve no idea what changed the second time I set up my account.

When you are restarting your account, is this the same as deleting it altogether & setting it up again as if for the first time?


It resolved deleting, adding and switching off and after a few minutes switching on. Maybe switching off/on might have been enough :thinking:
Thank you!


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