Email app sends all mails without message-id in the header

It should be in the header.

Though optional, every message SHOULD have a “Message-ID:” field.

See 3.6.4. Identification fields in RFC 2822

Why is this important for me?
I am having problems with DMARC / DKIM sending to a forwarded e-mailaddress to Gmail. The forwarder adds a message-id if it isn’t already present.

The new message-id isn’t in the DKIM signature, causing it to fail.

Error Google:
550-5.7.1 Unauthenticated email from is not
accepted due to 550-5.7.1 domain’s DMARC policy.

I am on Fairphone Open, using default android mail app Email 6.0.1

The mail app on FP2 is not activly developed, as far as I know. Try using k9mail, for example.

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Why is it included in the FP2 then?

I think it is already part of AOSP, the Android Open Source Project (on which FP Open is based). In that case it is Google who do not actively develop that app - and the reason is probably, that they want users to use the GMail app.


Thats a bummer. I don’t want to use the GMail app.
And I think k9 mail has to many bells and whistles.

I like Android’s stock mail app because of its simplicity.
Do you know of a fork that is maintained?

If you just don’t like the design of K-9 You could try K-9 material.

But I guess the same bells and wistles, with another style.
And discontinued:

Google does no longer actively develop the mail app in AOSP. Most newer phones don’t even include it anymore, Motorola or Nokia for example, some manufacturers maintain a version of it, like Sony or Samsung, but I don’t think they put to much effort into it. The official mail app on Android is Gmail. Confusingly, you can use Gmail with IMAP servers, I used it with posteo, for example, without the mail going through Google servers.

I understand your frustration, but k9 mail is the only open source mail app on Android i know of, that is actively maintained.


Thanks for the detailed explanation.
Maybe someday there will be an open source and actively maintained fork of the stock Android mail app.
Frustration helps forge change.

Well, maybe there is already one:

(Both are ultimately compiled into Email.apk)

Bug tracker for LineageOS, search result for mail: ~ “mail”


Hi, @danielvv

you can also try pep pretty Easy privacy ( It’s based on k9 and I’ve not tried it yet, but the team have presented pep on Fosdem 2017 already. Seems interesting.

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