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Hi all. I ve an unusual quirk with my fp3. My phone works fine except when i lose signal then it reconnects I lose my mobile data connection. So if i go into the countryside i might lose connection for under 1 minute but no longer can access the internet or apps connected to online data until i long press restart the phone. I tried Airplane mode and manually checking the APN but i cant reconnect. Sometimes just restarting wirks but this is hit and miss so its a long press every time. Anyone with a similar problem?i

Do you have the same outcome if your SIM is set to 4G and is set to 3G?
How is the coverage in your area?

Same outcome 3g and 4g and signal is two thirds at home. If it drops out though the phone reconnects but 4g doesnt and i can see the indicator ping the network constantly with no response.

Edit this has only happened since Android 10 update in Sept and I am on the most recent update from last week but it still happens.

What happens if you switch the network automatically select to off?

So it searched for networks and I chose EE 4G. Then i got an alert to say the network was unavailable. So i searched again and it now said EE 4G (forbidden). I also had a second EE 4G listed and this connected but without data. Repeated withEE 3G with the same result. My LTE was off so I turned it on and restarted and again it worked from long press, so i turned on airplane then off, and once again it wont connect to data. So no matter the combination it loses data connection if it reconnects when the phone is on and it losses signal for any reason. Phone and SMS work though.

Data does not work in the UK with EE. It shows as LTE with a little cross on the LTE signal bar. Just spent 40 mins on the phone with EE from my Fairphone doing diagnostics and adding in new APNS. The phone recognizes the change in APN as little cross on the LTE signal bar refreshes for a moment or two then the little cross appears again signifying the failure.

Has this not been fixed or addressed…Any hints or tips welcome EE are the largest provider in the UK/Europe kind of shocked this is not been tested before hand.

See my post, linked below: I and will try a test data one of these cold February days.

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Resolved - See here Official LineageOS 17.1 for Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+ - #479 by Gert123

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Since the latest update my mobile has not lost signal again except when it rebooted after the install. I did a long reset and since then i have not lost data connection once. I haven’t been out much so if it happens again when i am in areas with poor signal i will update again but hopefully this has been resolved.

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