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Seems like the issue is still present in the #discuss:fairphone-3, I just made a post about it on Signal’s user forum to see if they knew anything about it.

What next steps should I take to help push/assist in making a fix for this?

I moved your post to a new topic since the other one was about the FP3.

#contactsupport I guess?

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This is an ongoing issue but It only happens infrequently currently. I found it was worse before update to version 0066.

Darn. Well I hope I can help out in resolving this issue.

I haven’t contacted support over, yet, this as I’m still awaiting response form another issue, battery charging

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About to submit an official complaint as my battery query is just flotsam in the Sea of Desire. Hopefully someone will want to upcycle my rubbish.


Thanks for submitting the support ticket, I personally wished there were a more efficient process for reporting bugs with them… I’ve wanted to write the escalations team an email for awhile.

PS Sorry to hear that you’re having battery issues! I had some issues with charging about 7 months into having my phone,then thoroughly cleaned my usbc port with alcohol and a cotton swab.The issue thankfully went away. Hopefully your issue is an equally easy fix

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Hi there,

I’ve actually opened a thread about this just yesterday, I didn’t see your post.
Have a look here: Echo Cancellation not working for certain apps

I’m encountering the issue with echo (no working echo cancelllation) with a few other apps as well.

Also, I’m in contact with the support team since beginning of march but only provided data so far and tested the usual things (Mics are all working, reinstalling apps, did a factory reset etc.)

Just wanted to let you know, there are more people having this issue. I hope the FP3 dev team will find the root cause and figure out a fix soon.

so long

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I recently got in touch with support as well. Had same routine of trying stuff to make sure it’s not just me. They told me they’re aware of it now and will work on it. Hopefully we’ll have a fix soon enough. Thanks!


Thanks for doing this. Please note that this goes for Fairphone 3+ as well. Looking forward to the fix so that I can start recommending Fairphone to colleagues, friends and family again. :slight_smile:


I have a similar issue, when I call people on Whatsapp or Signal, they can hear their voice on their side, but if I turn down the volume a bit then they stop hearing their echo.


This is an ongoing issue since the release of Android 10 Version 0066 last year. It appears as if the bottom mic isn’t working in hands free. As only the top mic works there is no noise cancelling hence echos can become very apparent.

It is now a recognised issue, by Fairphone officially.

Will update this post with more detail . . .


I had this problem too with Signal and Hangouts.
The new Fairphone OS update 3.A.0101 seems to resolve the problem at least on Signal :hugs:.
I didn’t try on hangouts yet.


I still have this issue on latest update released 28th of april.

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Issue has been resolved for me on Signal and Wire. Thank you all!

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RE A10 0101 ~ Software update: 3.A.0101.20210420
No problem on WhatsApp but early days, and anyway other phones have this problem too.

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