Earwings for Fairbuds

i’ve got the Fairbuds, but i’ve the problem that the buds are not holding good enough to do some running with it.
Is there a possibility that there will be a earplug with earwings or is there a company selling it?

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I think these earwings are very specific, I haven’t heard about universal earwings or earwings that by chance also fit these. It’s also unlikely that there will be earwings manufactured by a non-fairphone company since fairphone earbuds aren’t that popular (yet). Hopefully fairphone themselves will make earwings, or someone finds earwings that are by chance compatible.

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I’ve seen it sometimes by sport in ear headphones, but yeah i see the problem of missing popularity

This is the only thing keeping me from buying the new Fairbuds! Every pair of in-ear headphones I’ve tried without earwings have always been too loose for my ears. Really hoping this gets added, at least as an option.

Other possible design idea:

'+ 1 for this idea / “request”. :wink:

All the buds I used in the near past had that, what really improved the fit for my ears. (Mentioned that also in my German post about the sound quality 🇩🇪 Wie ist die Klangqualität der Fairbuds? - #7 by Smojo )

I bought memory foam tips (from Bose I think) for both my old and new Fairbuds. They don’t fall from my ears anymore and I run with it without any issue :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do they fit well in the charging case with the foam tips?

If yes, can you share a link?
These maybe? Comply™ Foam Ear Tips For Bose QuietComfort Ultra & QuietComfort II – Comply Foam

I tried some older foam tips I still had, but as it was a bit too big so the charging contact was not optimal anymore.

I see the problem, that they are not round like most of the Headphones

Azla SednaEarfit Xelastecs maybe? They’re not earwings but they have a lot of grip.

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Here’s a link for what I bought on Amazon FR: Amazon.fr
As you can see, they are made for the Bose QuietConfort II but they fit perfectly on both Fairbuds (contrary to my last memory foam tips from my previous earbuds).

I suspect they prevent the first gen of Fairbuds from making a good contact in the box, as I have issue with the buds regularly connecting and staying on while in the box, but I’m not 100% sure it is related.

However, I have no issue so far with the gen 2, and I’ve been using them for weeks now.


Regarding wings/fins/hooks I remember, that I had some buds, quite a long time ago, where the wings were separate (not connected to the tip).

Eventually some of them would fit for the fairbuds as well. :thinking: (around the silicone gasket which has to be removed to replace the battery)