Earpiece with cable and all-weather mike

My friend having the latest FairPhone can’t find a decent earpiece (or small headset you can wear below a motorcycle helmet) where the mike records only her voice. She tried several earpieces and all are scrambling her voice when she rides (like being in a wind tunnel).

She tried everything and the best is hiding the mike in a shawl. It was better, we one reached a 4/5 conversation.
When she put the mike to close to her mouth it’s worse.
Another example: Today, due to the rain, the sound quality was so bad, we had to stop after trying 3 sentences.

To be complete: she also had the problem with her previous smartphone which was not a Fairphone and she’s tired of buying the “BEST” mike+earpiece on the market: it just doesn’t help. It only decreases her budget and provokes more ecological waste.

Thank you for your time and any help you can offer :slight_smile:

Hi,have you checked for specific bike headsets or did you try “normal” headsets?

THANKS! I check with her to be sure… ASAP.

Seems the market increased the last years, however they seem to be all BT, but I would say its more comfortable with BT. I would await, headsets made for the use with helmets are better for calls under those conditions…else have you considered to check motorbike Forums? I guess the pool of people looking for the same is bigger, so is the experience.

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Yes of course, why didn’t we thought of that!?
I suppose BT means Bluetooth. We both avoid bluetooth, but the motorbike forum is a marvellous idea.
Thank you so much!

Yes correct BT=Bluetooth, sorry for using abbreviations🙈

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