Earbuds - one is totally quiet (but not off)

I love my earbuds and they were working fine until two weeks ago - the left one plays every sound at a minimum level. I have to take the right one out to even notice, that the left is playing something.

Everything else works - connecting, button actions, charging…

I checked, that my phone hasn’t some balancing options on and tried to pair it multiple times now with my FP 3 and FP 4, but no effect - can it be a hardware problem with some kind of amplification?

If you only paired/unpaired the earbuds in the system settings, try the more thorough resetting procedure here (section “Pairing | Unpair”):

This is my normal unpairing behavior.
I did it again - even the “Connected” sound after pairing it again is very silent in the left ear (and of course I switched them around to exclude issues with the hardware of my ears :wink: )

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If only you lived closer to me @neogrande , I have the opposite problem - my right earbud is almost silent, whilst my left is working fine. We could swap!

The question is, which one - if we swap the left one I would be happy, if we swap the right one, you will :wink:

I contacted FP support and after a few mails and photos they sent me a replacement earbud which is working fine. When I got the time I will open the old one and try to check, If I find something broken inside…