Earbuds - one is totally quiet (but not off)

I love my earbuds and they were working fine until two weeks ago - the left one plays every sound at a minimum level. I have to take the right one out to even notice, that the left is playing something.

Everything else works - connecting, button actions, charging…

I checked, that my phone hasn’t some balancing options on and tried to pair it multiple times now with my FP 3 and FP 4, but no effect - can it be a hardware problem with some kind of amplification?

If you only paired/unpaired the earbuds in the system settings, try the more thorough resetting procedure here (section “Pairing | Unpair”):

This is my normal unpairing behavior.
I did it again - even the “Connected” sound after pairing it again is very silent in the left ear (and of course I switched them around to exclude issues with the hardware of my ears :wink: )

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If only you lived closer to me @neogrande , I have the opposite problem - my right earbud is almost silent, whilst my left is working fine. We could swap!

The question is, which one - if we swap the left one I would be happy, if we swap the right one, you will :wink:

I contacted FP support and after a few mails and photos they sent me a replacement earbud which is working fine. When I got the time I will open the old one and try to check, If I find something broken inside…

Hi, I have a similar problem. Both earbuds charged, both give the feedback of power on and off, but only the left one gives the feedback connected and disconnected from the Bluetooth. Just the left one sounds and after a while the right one says power off. I got these earbuds at the end of march 2023 and this happens for two weeks

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