Earbuds connect while within charging case

I have a FP3+ and am using the Fairphone earbuds. The earbuds seem to sometimes connect to the phone while in their charging case. This is happening every few days now. This is very annoying, especially when it happens when I’m using the phone. Suddenly the sound is gone. I can ‘solve’ this by disconnecting bluetooth, but that is not desired.

Does anyone have the same problem and/or know about a solution to stop the earbuds connecting while in the charge case?

Have you tried cleaning the little charging pads at the bottom of the earbuds / looked for some lint in the bottom of the case where the charging pins are? :thinking:

With my (non Fairphone) earbuds that’s usually what wakes them from their slumber and makes them want to connect while still in the case.


Thanks for the suggestion. It seems to work, but after a while the problem seems to return sporadically. It’s better than before and I’ll try to clean the buds some more.

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Same here, but this happened with brand new earbuds the first time I tried them. I paired them, used them, put them back in the case, only to find they were still connected. There’s definitely no lint in the case here. What could that be?

Hello all

I have the same problem. After putting the earbuds back into the case, they are first disconnected from my Fairphone 4. After a short while they reconnect.
Cleaning does not help much.
This is really annoying.
Any solutions?

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same problem here. The problem exists since I replaced the right earbud with a new one which I bought in the fairphone shop. I just tried cleaning them as advised in this thread.
Its really annoying, this the earsbuds permantly unload and randomly connect while in the case.
A solution would be great.


I also have the same problem from the very beginning!
the earbuds are active also when they are in the case and the phone stay connected (I can hear the music through the case if I put it loud enough!)

Did anyone manage to solve this? Or maybe I should issue a return?


I know it’s not a very specific approach, but it shouldn’t hurt either: You can try out if resetting the earbuds makes any difference. See the Pairing/Unpair instructions here (this is not done on the phone, but just using the earbuds and their charging case):

Other than that, I can only suggest to contact Fairphone Support.

@urs_lesse I tried resetting, I tried cleaning as advised in this thread. Nothing helped. I contacted fairphone support, and described the problem. I’ll post again here when there is any progress.


I have the same issue with my earbuds. Bud now they did not reconnect for a while. And I think the reason is that the case is now standing upwards. Before I often had it laying on it’s back or so. So maybe the buds now have a better connection to the charging contacts.

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I have the same issue with brand new Fairphone ear buds since day 1
When I took them out and back int the case it was usually okay
Resetting did not really change anything
Today I answered a phone call and first did not hear anything until I noticed that my phone was connected to the ear buds, which were not even in the same room…

Similar issue here. If I open and close the lid of the case, I can hear a voice say “power on/off”, but sometimes the device stays connected, it reconnects arbitrarily. So it seems like a bit of an intermittent connection issue, maybe more connected to the lid than the base, although I don’t see any apparent electronics there, maybe it just pushes the buds a bit closer to the contacts at the bottom (but not reliably).

My current workaround:
I turn off Bluetooth on my phone when putting the earbuds away in their case.
Bluetooth can be re-enabled later without the arbitrary reconnection of the earbuds. When I then take them out of the case, they connect just as they should.

Yes, switching off bluetooth seems to be the simplest workaround.

WHAT THE F… this is so anoying - is there anything that works right with a fairphone?

After the wild display ghosting, and arkward camera now the earbuds do the same shit as mentioned above: they are in the box. I connect a blue tooth box to the phone and three minutes later the earbuds connect by themselves. I connect again the box and three minutes later the earbuds do again.

my patience is over : (

Same here. And the worst thing is, that the battery is drained because the buds don’t turn off in the case. Basicly got delivered garbage, so much for being eco friendly with e-waste. Any fix?

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As this is a user forum only have you tried contacting Fairphone, always a good start, though you may get some ides here.

The same happens to me with my FP4.


I wonder what this has to do with the model of phone ??

It doesn’t.
I experienced this issue with several phones from different other brands.