Earbuds charging case battery delivered... empty?


Just received my FP earbuds.

I’m surprised that the charging case battery seems empty at the unboxing. I just plugged it and the first led is blinking since some time now (so charge was between 0 and 25%).

Is it standard ?

Well, I guess it depends when they were manufactured and how long the were lying on the shelf somewhere.

I heard that a fully depleted li-ion battery was exposed to irreversible damage…

The first led blinked for approx. 35 minutes, the second much less (5-10 minutes ?), all that is weird.

That is true after a fashion

  • A battery that is rated at zero charge isn’t fully depleted as there are safeguards against that, i.e. it stops providing power at #Voltage which is above the level for immediate and serious damage.

  • Whereas a battery that records zero% isn’t fully discharged it’s still not wise, in terms of battery ‘health and longevity’ to submit a battery to any extreme.

Charging is very slow at a zero rated level. You can estimate it’s wear once you have charged it a few times and measured it’s period of use. There is no real harm in depleting the battery occasionally, maybe once a month.

Here is a graph showing my use of a LI-ion battery.

The red shows the number of complete cycle and almost without fail, when I do discharge to the point of not working and then charge to 100% I get an improvement in ‘wear’ which is the ‘new’ capacity compared to the manufacturer’s nominal value.

This is easy for me to do as it is a laptop and I use it plugged in most of the time, but it does show the wear that the software records which is used calculate all manner of information etc. So I wouldn’t worry until you have tried it out for a few months.

You will note the recorded wear has dropped over the last 6 months

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Please report it to Support. Let’s hope there’s not a pattern that the sets are currently all stored in a 0° C warehouse … :cold_face:

UPDATE: Out of co-incidence, I also picked up a Fairphone shipment today including an FP2 battery. Upon the first use of it, the FP2 would only boot into Recovery. The second boot landed in Fairphone OS as meant to, but I was greeted with a warning that the battery was near empty at just 15%.

UPDATE 14 March 2023: I reported my FP2 battery to Fairphone Support and also included a link to this topic into the ticket description. I explicitly made it clear that I do not want any replacement or such, all just for letting Fairphone know and potentially check if there’s something wrong in the warehouse or earlier in the supply chain.

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