Ear speaker seems to be deteriorating

Hi. My phone is over a year old and I never had a problem with the ear speaker. Recently its sound started to be crackly and it is difficult to understand the person on the other side of the call. Switching the call to loud speaker is ok, rear speaker seems to be working fine.
This is true regardless of the app I use (phone, whatsapp, skype).

The checkup option in the maintenance area doesn’t identify the problem, but this is certainly a new development.
Is there something I could try to do to fix it, or will I need to replace the speaker module?

The usual advice seems to be to remove the module (the top module in this case), carefully remove any dust from contacts and place the module back again. If that doesn’t work, contact Fairphone support (if in a rush, phone support tends to be faster, contact details towards the bottom of the page), as the issue may be covered by warranty.

Thanks! I tried to remove the module but got stuck at the part where I needed to unscrew it (so basically, removed the screen and tried to clean as much as I could from there. Wasn’t good enough). I’m not sure if I was doing something wrong, or just had the wrong tool for it. Are there instructions for how to remove the ear speaker? I couldn’t find any when I searched for it, but then I also couldn’t find the instructions for removing the screen until someone posted me the link.

Thanks!! Unfortunately it didn’t solve the problem, so I will have to contact Fairphone support :frowning:

(been having some issues with the touch screen and the camera, looks like the whole phone decided to give up… :confused: )

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