/e/ Pie is out for FP2

Has someone tried to encrypt this install? Are there conflicts with existing encrypted installs?

Encryption is possible, but twrp can no longer decrypt the data partition then (so e.g. no TWRP backup possible).

What conflicts do you have in mind? Which “existing installs” do you refer to?

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As Lineage for Fairphone seems to move forward to 17.1, does anyone know if /e/ will be following this development?

I don’t think that is their priority for the moment. They want to bring out /e/ 1.0 soon, and also an installer.
I am already happy with Pie. Does LOS 17 bring really important updates, or is it just to be “on the edge”?


Personally I think there was no “really important” thing in a new Android major version after 7. But then, if you’ve worked with a newer version you’d soon miss a small feature or two when going back to something older.

For Android 10 I can say that I’m really looking forward to the new navigation by gestures. That was super cool when testing the preview of 17.1 on the FP2 and I’d love to have that on my daily driver FP3, too.


Personally I really like the improved split-screen feature, but anyone can decide what is important or cosmetic :wink:

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I tried LOS 17.1 now on my FP2, and it’s true, there are some nice little things like the gesture navigation which I discovered thanks to @Ingo’s hint. And the feature to choose the form of the icons…
But well, I am back to /e/ now, it’s just well set up!


Does anybody know if I can connect /e/ with my Google Play account in a way that my before bought apps would continue to function? Or does the included microg not offer this possibility?

Yes, it’s possible with Aurora and your G account used there.
My experience is that sometimes it still didn’t work (probably some licence check, only working together with “standard G framework”). But then you can also contact the developer and I made good experience with that and a working solution at the end.


I have some questions about /e/ on FP2:

  1. Is it as easy/“idiotproof” to install as on the FP3?
  2. Is it as good running as on the FP3? (Are there any big problems?)
  3. What is the current Android Security Patch Level?
  4. How often does it getting an update?

I’d say that at the moment it’s even a bit easier to install it on FP2 than on FP3 (e.g. bootloader is always unlocked, installing TWRP cannot break anything etc.).
This may change when there’s a working easy installer for FP3

I’ve been running it for more than one year and for me it seems to run as good as on FP3 (for what I’ve read for FP3 so far).

May 05, 2020

Irregular. But at least 1 update per month so far.


Volker hat dir ja schon gut geantwortet.
Für die Installation will ich noch anmerken, dass bald ein Installationsprogramm verfügbar sein wird. Es ist gerade in der Testphase für Samsung-Geräte.

That’s optimistic.

Refitting the easy installer to support other devices was delegated to the community by the /e/ team, and it’s not an easy task because how to install /e/ is different for different devices (see e.g. the different /e/ install instructions for Fairphone 2 and Fairphone 3).

Thanks to @Ingo there’s progress on the Fairphone 3.
Who knows if/when the Fairphone 2 will be supported, I think we should not raise expectations unnecessarily here :wink: .


Ah sorry, I wasn’t aware of that.
Can I help something there? Or you with your knowledge?

While I understand the drive towards a GUI, I personally am very much oldschool (and not a developer) and strongly in favour of providing correct and foolproof manual installation instructions in connection with empowering people to be able to follow them.
Makes one’s own device much less of a “block box” in the process.

Of course many people don’t want to be empowered in this fashion, they just want to press some buttons and then wait for the magic to happen, so the GUI approach is valid and commendable, and I at least won’t bitch against it on every occasion :slight_smile: .

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Hello, I’m very happy to use LineageOS on different devices since few years, now on FP2 and perhaps soon on FP3. My question is. Is there somewhere a comparaison between LineageOS and /e/ ?
Fairphone is now linked to the /e/foundation… So what’s better or different between LineageOS and /e/ in the user experience…

In short:

/e/ is basically LineageOS tweaked for more privacy and with a selection of pre-installed Apps which should make it seamlessly usable by about anybody.

Lets boldly and simply say you could give a phone running /e/ to your parents or grandparents with much less hassle afterwards than you would have if you gave them one with LineageOS.

In halfway short:

/e/ take LineageOS as a base, throw out as much Google stuff as they can still find to improve privacy (which is not the top priority of LineageOS), and then add

  • Bliss, an iOS-like launcher (of course you can install a different one if you don’t like it)

  • microG, which uses Open Source software to mimic many Google services and components, so many (but by far not all) Google-dependent Apps can happily work without Google

  • Apps which are intended to make the system appealing to and seamlessly usable by the average smartphone user (prime examples: Magic Earth as a reasonably straightforward and usable Google Maps replacement, and an easy-to-use App installer which has many cost-free and wide-spread Google Play Store Apps to avoid death by “App gap”, along with F-Droid’s Open Source App collection for the users who like these better).

  • an Open Source based syncing service resembling the Google cloud, with the possibility for you to self-host it.


thx for your answer @AnotherElk

I thought LineageOS was Google-free. So there is still some Google stuff inside???

Yes, I use it and it’s sehr praktisch!

Nextcloud fork indeed. I prefere to use my own and not the one of /e/.
But is there a full backup possibility - like in android with Google (under configuration/system/advanced options/backup) ?

LineageOS is based on AOSP, the Android Open Source Project done by Google on which all Android OSes are based, and which at least does not contain many of the Google Apps and services the average Android user has come to depend on, but there’s still some basic stuff.

The LineageOS developers improve a few things compared to AOSP, but they never claim LineageOS to be Google-free, as far as I know.


I didn’t realise you could change the launcher! Thanks for that. For anyone else reading this, OpenLauncher is in the /e/ app store, or F-droid officially, and is pretty much identical to Trebuchet (the LOS launcher). Once installed, open and select always use as home screen. Easy.