[ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 for FP3

Maybe for some people interesting, that also that custom Rom does not support the FP3+ camera and speaker (yet). Somehow, I was assuming, that it would be possible to get an alternative OS for the FP3+.

See also hear: No sound at all on Fairphone 3+ .

Your key realisation from this should be that most of the time it is better to search/read/ask beforehand than to just assume :wink: .


Hi there,

due to /e/'s strange delaying in updating microG to include the exposure notification framework and thus preventing users to use the Corona-Apps, I am considering switching to this Lineage rom, where apparently microG can just be updated by the user. (Now that’s what I consider “owning my data”)

However, as I am just recently discovering Android (coming from many years of using iOS) I am unsure as to what I will have to expect from LineageOS. I sometimes hear, it is more difficult to use than /e/, however I am not sure, why this would be the case.

Can someone maybe enlighten me about the differences between /e/ and lineage and what would make the use of one more difficult than the other?

Thank you for your time!

Probably the difference making/e/ “easier” is the installer and more infrastructure (like e.mail and so on). as you already noticed LOS apparently gives you more flexibility and this might be considered more complicated. After installation and setup, i don’t think one is “easier” than the other, but that’s my personal opinion with not much (and ancient) /e/ experience.
Btw, I’m running this rom with opengapps and (the German) covid app just fine


In my opinion the “easiness” of /e/ compared to LOS is based on

  • comes with microG automatically
  • comes with an app store automatically
  • comes with more/better (probably depending on personal taste) default apps
  • if you use an /e/ account it automatically syncs things like pictures (also from old device to new one IIRC) so you don’t need to put them on your PC manually (they are also working to integrate a backup solution that’s as easy as the google drive cloud backup)

Most of that can be done by the user with LOS but some people wouldn’t know they have to do that when they wish to change to an alternative OS. And they would wonder why so much things “don’t work” (as expected naively).

Edit: the installer is very new, it might become something that makes /e/ more easy than LOS but at the moment it only supports around 10% of the phones generally supported by /e/ (and still is beta or even alpha)


Let me quote @AnotherElk’s explanation:

Thanks for all your answers. Seems mostly like the difference is in the details of the code (/e/ does seem to have advantages, privacy-wise) and in terms of a simpler day to day use. The difference that /e/ comes with microG seems to not really be a difference at all anymore, since there are Lineage builds including it by now. If undestand it correctly at least.

I guess, if by the end of the week there is no update for /e/ I’ll do the switch, even though I’m not really partial towards setting up the whole OS from the top. With a TWRP backup I could probably switch back, when they resolved thier inner disputing about the COVID-API (which to me seems pretty ridiculus tbh and is starting to make me question this whole project…)

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I tried /e/, lineageos and stock rom and hope that I can give some advice here.
I am a really privacy-focussed user (e.g. I would not consider installing a contract tracing app), but still /e/ was too much for me. It strictly blocks nearly all of the google services and many apps did not run on my device. Also, you can only install free apps, and not the ad-free Pro versions you might have bought. So if you go for /e/, the idea is basically to install it and then see which apps are working on it.
Stock rom ovbiously works out of the box and you can run any app on it, but also gives you less flexibility e.g. on how much data you want to share with Google.
If you are willing to try to install Lineageos, you might consider using it with Open GApps Pico rather than MicroG. This way, you get a slim version of the original Google Play services, all Apps are working on your device (jncluding paid ones), but you still have the customizability of Lineageos.
If the LOS installation fails, you should be able to switch back to stock rom fairly easily.


TBH, the now established contact tracing technology (DP-3T) is decentralized and probably one of the most privacy-focussed apps you could install.
Except for countries like France and some others that somehow still rely on a centralized technology which works much less reliable and is much less privacy preserving…

And if you - as a privacy concerned user -

this is probably a much higher risk in this regard.
BTW: MicroG has already implemented the Exposure Notification API. So there’s no more need to install the Google Services in regard of using this technology :slight_smile:


It’s about what I though, thanks for clarifying.

I am really fine with microG and also really liked /e/, despite the limitations. Don’t really need GApps

One quick question. I guess the install instructions are assuming, one comes from stock rom. Would it be about the same when I come from /e/OS?

Edit: And… Is this instruction to install Magisk also working for LOS? /e/ for FP3 (Google free OS) (I know I don’t really need it but I’m kinda curious)

Can I judge by the lack of replies that nobody really knows and it’s a matter of trial and error? :slightly_smiling_face:

I think whether you come from /e/OS or from another ROM shouldn’t change anything. You might want to install the stock OS before switching to LOS just to be sure, but I don’t think it matters much. Someone else may have a better advice than me though.

The instructions to install magisk given on the /e/ thread work for the /e/ recovery, which obviously you don’t have under LOS, so it’ll be through TWRP instead. Why don’t you just follow the official instructions?

Edit: Typo


Thanks for your reply!

I asked about Magisk, because trying to install it with the instructions from your link caused a system failure in /e/. Also, /e/ actually uses Lineage recovery. But if it works the normal way under LOS, I will try that.

Wish me luck I won’t brick anything :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can confirm, that the install works like a charm coming from /e/ and installing Magsik, as well as updating microG to include the exposure notification API worked like a charm.

Now got some work to do setting up the phone. Yay… First impression is that the whole interface of LOS seems more appealing and “rounded” that that of /e/. However, Google does make it’s presence known fairly quickly, of course not as effectively as in the stock ROM.

Thanks for all your help!


Sorry if I ask a question which has already been answered and that I am just not aware of (because of the 288 posts in this thread). In this case please point me to the right posting.
is there any progress and/or an ETA for official ROM? Will it be possible to change to official from the unofficial version without data loss?

Thanks a lot for your work!

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So far see post#272


The post is one month old, maybe there was made some progress in between.
But maybe it is not that important, maybe it is more important whether an update to the (hopefully) official LOS will work without data loss.
I am in the same position as other people here: I have been using /e/ but due to their strange politics regarding microG I temporarily switched back to Stock. Now I have found out that there is a native LOS for FP3, but I don’t want to configure my phone five times until I have found one ROM which I can use for the next few months…

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Hi Juri,
the review process took much longer than expected, but I expect the release to be available in 1-2 weeks. I also expect that you will be able to migrate user data pain- and losslessly between unofficial and official LineageOS ROMs.


That sounds great, thanks!
So I think I’ll make the witch to “your” ROM. Thanks a lot for your work!

Good to hear. I hope it will be available soon. Do you plan to make LOS17.1 also available? Will the new camera and speaker also be supported?