/e/ Pie is out for FP2

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The new “official” Pie /e/ is out for the FP2!
I will install it today. Have fun!


…and the nice thing is that based on the high demand from FP community side the FP2 was the first device to get the official pie based /e/ versión! :smiley:


Oh I didn’t know that. That is really cool! I run it now on my FP2, I will begin to use it soon!

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What does “official” mean in this context? What is the update cycle of security updates with /e/? (Never heard of them before)

@BrFabian Do you use two sims? Can you disable one of them? Is it possible to switch data connections between the two sims?

That it’s officially supported by the /e/ tan and you get OTA updates.

Regular updates between days or weeks. Security updates are included normally some days or 1-2 weeks after they’re out. Similar to LineageOS.

Yes and yes.

More details regarding /e/: #e-eelo


Thx! I’ll think about it. Need to backup my FP2 first. Which is a PIA…

Any other experience you (or anyone else) might want to share about

• the flash process
• problems/bugs you’ve encountered
• nice to have features

Well, I’ve you’re bit experienced it’s easy. Installation process can be found here: https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP2/install
It’s only need once. Then you can use OTA updates.

  • Apps found in “Apps” (/e/ app store app) are often a bit outdated.
  • /e/ launcher is not everyone’s style (but if needed you can easily use another one)
  • ? Currently I can’t think of any more…
  • Nice idea to avoid as much connections to google as possible while using an AOSP based OS
  • Easily block internet access for random apps
  • Setting to configure any DNS servers

F-Droid is no problem I guess?

At the moment I’m using FP2 Open without any Google Services, so microG might even be a step towards more, not less, googleification.

This is really quite nice!

I’m always using a VPN (highly recommended!), without a DNS leak.


Yes, no problem.

Yes,I agree.
It’s there as lots of users (i.e. non-geeks, that’s what /e/ is intended for) resp. apps need Google framework.

That’s good!


Thanks for sharing your experience. What about Root? Howto?

If you want to root the device you may flash Magisk.

  1. They don’t have an implementation for Google Ads.

  2. They’re not complete, and also optional.

  3. It also includes UnifiedNlp which allows different backends to provide location on top of GPS (such as cell tower triangulation, WLAN SSIDs, etc).

  4. You can use the Google services such as Google Play Store with a pseudonymous shared account (ie. not a real Google account).


I just flashed /e/ on my FP2 some days ago, and didn’t migrate yet from my FP1, so I don’t have any experiences with SIM Cards. I use it just for browsing a little for the moment. Migrating totally will be done next week when I will have time to do it. My first impression is a good OS. But I am coming from my FP1 with Android 4.4.4, so that’s quite a leap…

I installed /e/ two days ago and must say I’m pleasantly surprised by the usability! Have been running SailfishOS for the last year or so and prefer the user interface over android, but for being an android system this is not bad at all!

My FP2 has stability issues and has been quite unstable the last few months but the issue is with both SailfishOS and /e/ so concluding that’s hardware.

Really glad to see more OS options. I wish the FP3 would get the same treatment as I imagine this phone won’t live forever!


Has someone tried to encrypt this install? Are there conflicts with existing encrypted installs?

Encryption is possible, but twrp can no longer decrypt the data partition then (so e.g. no TWRP backup possible).

What conflicts do you have in mind? Which “existing installs” do you refer to?

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As Lineage for Fairphone seems to move forward to 17.1, does anyone know if /e/ will be following this development?

I don’t think that is their priority for the moment. They want to bring out /e/ 1.0 soon, and also an installer.
I am already happy with Pie. Does LOS 17 bring really important updates, or is it just to be “on the edge”?


Personally I think there was no “really important” thing in a new Android major version after 7. But then, if you’ve worked with a newer version you’d soon miss a small feature or two when going back to something older.

For Android 10 I can say that I’m really looking forward to the new navigation by gestures. That was super cool when testing the preview of 17.1 on the FP2 and I’d love to have that on my daily driver FP3, too.


Personally I really like the improved split-screen feature, but anyone can decide what is important or cosmetic :wink:

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