🇮🇹 🇬🇧 /e/OS is the possibility to deggoglelized FP?

I think FP is a Wonderfull phone (because of it’s philosophy)
There is just one things that I should be possible:
de-googolized it.
And, it seem is possible.
Does anyone know \e o.s. for phone?
Or similar?
Then I should know, if it is possible to change it in FP3

Thank you


You can actually buy a phone from the efoundation with /e/ and then get OS support. If you buy from Fairphone and install /e/ you would have to reinstall Android 10 FOS for support.


Alternatively you can buy from Fairphone and either degoogle or use Lineage OS

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These are two ways to get /e/OS onto your FP3:


I already have a FP3 phone with Android 10.
But I can install /e “above” android?

Or do I have to substitute Android?


It’s a substitution, so a clean install, which means you had better save your personal data.

Otherwise you can try the degoogle option

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so, I can install /e like an app! Good, I will try! (and let you know…)
after, I will change o.s.

No, the “Easy Installer” is a program for your computer that provides easy instructions what you need to do to get /e/OS onto your FP3.

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As @urs_lesse was directing.

The Easy Installer is just that, a supposedly easy way to overwrite Android 10, so it is like a factory reset hence save your data as all will be wiped to install /e/ (EOS)

@amoun so I have to “erase” all my phone…
Does someone had try it?
I would speak with him…I would check how it could be difficult (I am not a so young ‘geek)’

But I would change provider (google knows too many things of me and try to drive me too much!)

thank you


Effectively yes. When installing a different operating system the old is overwritten hence the need to save your data (images, recordings, contacts etc) maybe to an SD card that has been formatted as an external drive. Then after the change of OS you can reinstall from the SD card. You can use a computer to do the save and transfer.

As to actually using the ‘E Easy Installer’ goes I have no idea I use the default Android 10 without a Google account etc.

And what Google knows Google and Microsoft and all others know and it won’t go away ~ they have the data now. What you can do is to have as little data connection as possible, but that often means being a little bit more hands on with the options mentioned in the previous posts. I can’t be that bothered, I’ve more entertaining things to do than worry to much about what data Google is gathering.

You may like to converse with someone in Italiano.

You may find someone to help you through the degoogle option

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a Sailfish swims happily for like 3 years on my good old Fairphone 2. Before doing so however make sure to backup Fotos, contacts, calender, etc. (and don’t forget about Android keys). You can use the ADT tool for that. (I did a second file based backup back then - just to be on the safe side)

Apart from that the process shouldn’t be much different:

  • Install Fairphone FPOS (THIS WILL WIPE YOUR DATA!)
  • Install TWRP (a bootloader basically that enables the so-called “recovery” partition where the /e/ OS will be installed)
  • Install /e/ OS (via ADT again)

( Think it sounds more complicated than it actually is. :slight_smile: )

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1 - what is “Sailfish”?
2 - fotos, contact and calendar are all on Google, do you mean something else?
3 - what’s Android keys?
4 - what’s ADT? (Can you send me a link?
5 - what’s FPOS?
6 - what’s TWRP?
as you can see, I don’t know much about this operation…but I would do.
Can you help me?


Mmh… the link @urs_lesse posted before should sum it up: Install /e/ on FairPhone FP3 - FP3 | /e/ documentation


1 - what is “Sailfish”?

Another operating system. Don’t mind that → start with /e/OS

2 - fotos, contact and calendar are all on Google, do you mean something else?

That’s fine apart from the Android (license) keys, which legitimate you to use Android on your Phone. The adb backup tool should do that for you. You download and install ADT (Android Developer Tools) on your Windows(?) machine.

3 - what’s Android keys?

That’s the forementioned license keys → Android won’t run without them!

4 - what’s ADT? (Can you send me a link?

Android Developer Tools → /e/ documentation | Welcome to /e/ documentation! Download, install and compile /e/OS for your android smartphone Main website Community forums

5 - what’s FPOS?

Actually it’s FPOOS (Fairphone open OS) → now replaced by /e/OS

6 - what’s TWRP?

Don’t mind → follow the instructions from /e/OS


Yes please to mind Sailfish. Its a super OS from Jolla and we need to have more people who would like to have it as base. Especially as it is TOTALLY without google. I had Sailfish on my FP2 and on my Xperia next to that I owned their mobile as well.


FPOS is the current Android 10 OS that FP has adapted there is no FPOOS for the FP3

/e/ is then not a replacement for FPOOS but an alternative to FPOS as is Sailfish


Hi Renato,
maybe it is a good idea to get in touch with a fairphone angel.
As I can see the next angels to Perugia are in Padova. It’s 350km away from you, but you can contact them by email: padova@fairphone.community

More information about fairphone angels you can get here


Thanks for sorting this out completely! Sorry I didn’t mean to carry the history here in the first place!

Here’s my point:
Given stock FP3 with Android 10 as a starting point → backup and install /e/OS is a good idea to start with.


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