Dual Sim Ringtone

I’ve got a fairphone II and use 2 simcards. One for private and one for business. I want to give each sim its own ringtone. I tried several apps but non of the apps will work on my fairphone II. Has anyone a solution for this problem??

Perhaps there’s something helpful for you in here …

I was able to achieve this result easily by using Automate, it’s a very good and customizable app and I use it for automating many daily activities, although it’s not open source.
If you want to try it I can share you the flow I used.
Bye! :slight_smile:

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Helo @DjDas I like know your work around with automate app for the settings for dualsim ringtones on my fairphone!!

It’s very easy to setup, following is a picture of my flow:

Basically you wait for an incoming call and store in a variable the subscriber ID (the SIM of the caller), then check for it’s value and according to the SIM you select the proper ringtone. :slight_smile:


I’m using dual sim collector pro which workes very fine also with Bluetooth
connection to garmin navi. Also support is very good.

E-Mail sent from my fairphone.

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