Want to use dual sim feature for privat (sim 1) and business (sim2)

Hi, would like to use sim 1 for private and sim 2 for business calls. Is it possible to connect private contacts with sim 1 and business contacts with sim 2? Without using the feature “allways ask”. Because this feature doesn´t work with my bluetooth car call system.

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Unfortunately, this is not possible. But I have already created a feature request for this. Like button (heart) there = vote.


This was possible with the FP1 on KitKat…another “feature upgrade” of Lollipop :tired_face:

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I have the same setup as you and I use “True Phone”. It allows you to form groups or assign sim to specific contacts. downside is that you now have two dialers. =/

Hi, I’m using dual sim pro Form Google appstore meanwhile. Works fine, good support aswell. But still would like to have an original fp-solution on this.

I use sim 1 for private and sim 2 for business. My biggest problem is that there is no setting for different rintones for both simcards. With my old samsung phone it was no problem. Why is this not possible with faiphone??

There is, in the phone app: Settings / Call settings / SUBS Settings / Phone ringtone

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but it doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter what Ringtone I select for sim 2, it only sounds the ringtone I selected for sim 1 :frowning:

I use Dual Sim Control (calls) and Signal (texts).

In Dual Sim Control, there is a menu called “Call Preferences”, where you can set rules for which SIM card is to be used for a selected groups of contacts. There is also a learn function, so if you if you call a new number, the app will ask you what SIM card to use. The next time you call this number, it will remember what SIM card you used the last time.

Signal also has a learn function (without using the secure text function).

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