Dual SIM on FP2 - both can have 3G/4G?

On the FP2 I now have two SIMs. Using Dual Apps I have two instances of WhatsApp (although I am looking for a better alternative than Dual Apps because it is annoying, I need a simple app cloner). I cannot get the new SIM on 3G/4G, it stays on 2G. Is this still a limitation on the FP2?
I want to be able to receive WhatsApp messages on both numbers even when I am without WiFi.

What’s the best way to make this work?


It’s a limitation of the FP2 that only one SIM can have 3G/4G.

If you want to turn on 3G/4G to the other card, switch the previous card to 2G first.


Those messages are sent and received via the Internet and should work regardless which SIM is activated for the Internet.


Thanks! Wow, how come I didn’t know that… So I could even remove the other SIM and still use both WhatsApp instances?


That’s correct. You just need the SIM cards once to register the phone number once via the SMS registration process.

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