Dt2w (double tap to wake) on FP2


The power button is not very useful when the phone is strapped to the arm with something like this:

Is there a way to enable dt2w (double tap the display to wake) on FP2/Andoid6?


I don’t recall having seen such a feature with the Fairphone 2 yet and as far as I know it is hardware-dependent (at least in the Windows Mobile world some phones can do it and some phones just can’t despite running the very same OS).

Have a workaround then while we wait for somebody who really knows stuff :slight_smile:

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DoubleTap to Wake is a Function which is always Part of the Display-Firmware (when the Display support it).
Such Devices like, Nokia N9, some Limuas, Jolla 1, Jolla Tablet, Jolla C, Intex Aqua Fish, Aigo X86 and OnePlus X - has DoubleTap to Wake

Fairphone 2 unfortunately - not. So i think it will never find the way to the FP2


WaveUp is absolutely sufficient and works like a charm, thanks for the hint!