Don't buy the green Protective Case

Hi all,

I can only advise against buying the green Protective Cover for the FP3(+). Unless you are into discoloration and wear and tear as seen here on the picture:

(full resolution here)

I have been using the case for one and half months or so now. I never saw anything like this with iPhone silicone cases (which cost pretty much the same).

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Similar experience here, although someone gave me their case - if I’d bought it, I’d be unhappy…


I feel like a lot of the material problems could be prevented if you pay someone to look over your design before production.
My famous FP2 transparent cover started to crack in the transparent part after 3 years, the black part expanded and separated from the rest.
The lettering on the FP3 cover, you would not even had to pay a expert to tell you that.
And your case looks like a bad case of cheap not oil resistant throwaway plastic.
Does it feel sticky yet?


No stickiness here - just levels of fading and scuffing.

It looks a little strange indeed and probably it’s not intended, but on the other hand the case gets an individual touch with that, so I also kinda like it.


Trendy DIY “used look” and no letters falling off … and people still complain :wink: .


lovely, don’t overcharge too much when you both sell your cases to elk and snafu :heart:

Well, I can totally understand the disappointment, but myself, I honestly wouldn’t mind too much.

My guess would be, that this is what comes with trying to do it all sustainable and eco friendly.

You most likely will not see this with Apple stuff, because that’s silicone, while Fairphone’s protective case is

Made with 37% biomaterials and non-toxic plastic,

I guess, that’s an important difference from cheap plastics.

And I would bet any amount of money, that they did test the materials beforehand. But such tests only go so far and rarely cover all possible troubles.
Though the tests should have showed those fast effects. I can only imagine, that they tested the material for it’s protective qualities using maybe the black one, that was to be produced anyway. When deciding on the green color, they probably did not test color and material again for color-wear. (Pure guesswork; just seems plausible to me).

Possibly Fairphone is as well following other eco-standards regarding the colors used than Apply, which could further explain this behaviour.

If it remains protective and is not getting sticky or fragile, it would be fine for me (personal).


The green case I got 5-6 weeks ago still looks pretty much unchanged from how it looked like then, but I almost never took it with me outside nor into pockets (well, it spent 1-2 afternoons in my back pocket), it stayed on the shelf or my desk almost all the time.

made with 63% newly produced plastic while silicone is overall considered more sustainable than plastic.
I am not an expert but to me silicone is considerable better if done right: it lasts longer, has no toxins and can be recycled.
If a product does not last it does not matter which resources are used.
I don’t think that colour would encourage anyone to buy a fairphone.
But good to know that if you buy it just to have it on your shelf it will last. :+1:


Dear everyone,

Same here. Both generations of FP2 case I got were defective (separation problem and then crack problem). And then, I had to replace the case of my then brand new FP3 (letter problem).

The defective cases are yet an other problem that shows that Fairphone products are still experimental toys that should be marketed and sold explicitly as testing prototypes. Purism does that with its Librem 5 successive testing versions (and even tells what works and what doesn’t on each version).

It doesn’t seem that the people at Fairphone have fully understood that yet. Until they do, it seems the consumers will have to keep paying for their (defective) dream.

Meanwhile among these consumers, there are 123 million people - almost a quarter of the EU’s population – at risk of living in poverty, while the continent is home to 342 billionaires".

And those numbers are from before the global COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis.

But it would be an international scoop if our society cared for the many and not only a chosen few.


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There are a lot of assumptions I can not discuss, since I don’t have any inside knowledge.

  1. 37% biomaterials does not imply 63% newly prduced plastic. The FP homepage does not include information on this behalf.
  2. Are “silicone” covers by Apple really made of pure silicone or does it contain addiditves to achieve longeviety etc?
  3. Are those advantages of silicone listed true? I am no expert as well, but I know, that there is a lot of different silicones, that silicones are widely used (e.g. in cosmetics) and not all the time considered without problems. Silicone products can contain toxic stuff as well, some silicones are suspected to be carcigonetic and in general silicones take years to decades to degraade. And I guess plastics can be recycled as well.
  4. Is a protective cover not considered to be lasting, when the color washes out, while the protective characteristics last for years (just an assumption for exemplifying the question). That will be (at least) an individual assessment.

To make it absolutely clear:
The decolorising of the cover after just a few weeks of normal use is neither to be considered normal, nor would I ever object raising a support ticket. I would rather expect Fairphone to offer some compensation.
Still, for ME, this wouldn’t matter, as long as the protection is intact.
And my posting was just meant as an explanation I would consider possible not as an excuse. I just know - from other newly developed products made from biomaterials I bought - that those materials can be problematic. In daily use they might not live up to previous test results.


How can you be sure of that when you don’t have the repair statistics - anecdotal evidence is no evidence at all.


Just include miners in Africa and factory workers in China and Fairphone is a step im that direction; no matter, how much still is left to be desired and improved.
A phone for “the many” using the Fairphone resources (raw materials, working conditions), that is offerimg all the technical features “the many” want is virtually impossible.

A Fairphone hardly is a phone for “the many” at least not yet; since it offers mid-range specifications at an obviously higher price.


Granted, I just have a problem with some behavior displayed here more often than I would like to.
One is the SUV bio supermarket attitude: As long as I buy fair and bio I can consume as much as I want and it gives me a pass for other behavior I have.
This is exaggerated and not a big part in this thread but I get sometimes the feeling.

What happened here is much more common and I cant understand it-
Hypothetical example:
If one posts a Problem they have with facebook or something like that where I cant contribute I just go on.
Never would I post

Haha, good for you. Facebook is bad

I don’t use it so its a great plus for fairphone!

or something like that.

If someone goes trough the trouble to make a post about a Problem why contribute with jokes, say its a feature or make empty posts like “I don’t use it, have no problems with(out) it”

Is it for postcount, likes, fanperson defending a problem you have not experienced or simply bored?
This is just a general vibe I can’t comprehend
edit for bold

Are you referring to another thread here? Because in this thread I cannot spot anything like this.

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Here, 3 people talk about how they like it or that they would not mind, One that it does not happen if you don’t use it.
On a fair warning about a significant flaw.

its not significant, its just color

but it was a choice not to take the black, but the green- to have a green case, not the special slimer puked over the phone edition.

So, don’t you think in a forum for discussions it might be legitmate to write personal opinions or comments or have a look at things from a different angle as long as the other is not intentionally offended? What would be the alternative? Confirm him that the case looks like shit now and that Fairphone is a bad company because they are too silly to test things properly and that everyone better not buy their stuff cause it’s just bad? Would that help anyone in any way?

I am happy that this forum does not work like that and I definitely hope that it won’t change.


Please: Do not feed the troll.


I think it would be better if problems from others would not be treated as a joke or ridiculed.
I think its not a good response to having a problem with X “don’t use X” without a good explanation.
Yes, I would prefer if people took problems others have seriously.

Most disturbing in meta discussions to me is that there are only extremest views:
There can only be Fans who think every flaw is feature
People who think FP is shit and bad because the color is off. And Troll the forum, ultimate weapon to remove some ones legitimacy.
I don’t fit in those categories from my self-perception.
Its not the Problems that hurt me to read, is the way people react to them.
Pointing out flaws of a product is hard in such a climate.

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