Does the fairphone 2 support RSAP

Similar to this question in the FP1 board Can the FP use rSAP? I would like to know if the FP2 supports the RSAP protocol. I’ve already contacted the support but they don’t know. Maybe some of the existing FP2 owners could test if RSAP works?

Thank you very much in advance

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I use my FP2 in my VW Passat alltrack 2013. Out of the box it doesnt seem to support RSAP, but goes trough HFP.
That assumption bases on the fact that I cant write SMS from my infotainment head unit (RNS510) and don’t need to let the car the pin code know. Both of these functions work with e.g. my old Samsung Galaxy S2 which supports RSAP.

So for now, no support for RSAP :cry:

Thank you for the update!

Thats funny, I’m also driving a Passat and my current phone is also a Samsung Galaxy S2 :wink:

Have you by any chance checked if would work?

Not yet, I know it from when the S2 didn’t support RSAP by default, but didn’t root my FP2 just yet.
I will update here once I get around to do it.

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Hi @detobi have you had a chance to root your phone and give it a try?Sry for bothering you but it would be really interesting if RSAP would work

Adding myself to the interested group as my car also uses rSAP.

In the other FP1 topic someone mentioned that FP’s having 2 SIMs might be an issue. This is analog to Samsung’s statement where they state none of their dual SIM phones supports rSAP ( )

I don’t know whether it’s feasible, but I think it would be perfecty OK for FP2 to only support rSAP on one SIM, be it the first SIM or by adding a selection menu to indicate the chosen SIM.

I’d love this feature to be confirmed since I’m pretty annoyed with LG’s failure to provide Android monthly security updates for my single-SIM LG G3 for many months already. I’d love to switch to FP2! Unfortunately I need rSAP compatibility for my Audi.

I got myself a FP2 and (in version 2.x) was indeed working (at least partially). The issue I had was (if I recally correctly) that I had to restart my phone each time I disconnected it from my car but I think that is something that could be solved together with the developer of - I was to lazy to follow up on it because I didn’t like the fact that I had to re-root my fairphone after each and every fp2 software update.

Thanks for the update on current status, aasdfj2438.

Call me squeamish, but I don’t intend to root any smartphone, simply as a security precaution. So this android-rsap app will not do for me even if corrected.

I hope FP developers consider implementing rSAP profile in FP2 natively for one select SIM as suggested.


Have you sent them a message with this request via Fairphone support?

No I haven’t. I guess I was lazily relying on developers monitoring the forums to pick up ideas.

But it does make more sense to file an explicit RfE (Request for Enhancement). Thanks for the pointer!

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They are busy with a lot of other stuff and mostly leave the discussion to the community. Which is fine in my opinion. Most solutions here are unofficial anyway. :wink:

I had asked for rSAP more than a year ago as FP2 just was about to become available. I got no final answer, and in the end it wasn’t implemented, which made me go on and get an “unfair” phone. It’s that important to me. I’m working in a rural area, do a lot of business related calls from the car and HFP just isn’t working good enough for me.

I think not a lot of people care about rSAP, but for many of those that do, it’s a priority.