Can the FP use rSAP?

I’m very interested in the FairPhone, but I’m also looking for a handset which supports rSAP so that my car can access data via the SIM via bluetooth rather than creating a Wi-Fi hotspot from the handset (and really requires 12V charging).

Does anyone know if the FP supports rSAP as fewer handsets do this now and many manufacturers do not declare it in their specifications?


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I would love to see an answer to this question here, because my new car supports it and I would like to use my FP1.
Wikipedia SIM Access Profile (SAP, SIM, rSAP)

I’m adding @keesj to this discussion, hopefully he can clarify. :slight_smile:

Ik zou ook erg graag willen weten of de FP rSAP ondersteund of gaat ondersteunen.

:gb: (web-translation): I would also very much like to know whether the FP supports or is going to support rSAP.


We have not planned for this feature in the system but are not against it either. If it does not end up in the software for our next phone and the software development part of it is done we can look at integrating the changes. One thing that probably will cause problems is the fact that we have dual SIM.

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Hello there,

just registered to get this answered.

Is there any news on the issue? Will rSAP be working with the upcoming fairphone 2 ?
I’d really like to support the FairPhone by getting one for myself, but it really has to support rSAP. I’m doing most of my calls from the car, which needs that…

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I’ve contacted the support if FP2 will include rsap support and the answer was

Jan 5, 18:15
Thank you for your questions.
We are currently awaiting an answer from our development team about this, because it is not yet clear to us. It is expected though.
Hopefully more news about this on our specs site.

Maybe one of the fp2 owners could also try if works…

I tried this program on the FP1 and a VW with premium bluetooth. Everything seems to work, but at the end, to make a call, don’t work. There was a operator network error. maybe the fixed this problem in the future.

I can confirm that it does indeed work with the FP1 and VW Premium Phone, using the Bluetooth Sim Access App, see

It seems fickle at times, so that the car doesn’t always find the phone, but once it is connected it works fine and also transfers all the contacts to the car.