Does it void warranty if I repair the phone before support answers?


My USB port broke after few months.
I created a support ticket. Since I could not charge my phone any longer (so it was off) I was expecting to have an answer pretty fast.
After several days, I did not even get a “hello” back. So I decided to order a new USB port myself and change it

This is a bittersweet experience.
In one hand, I managed to change the port very quickly once received the replacement, which is very good!!!
In the other hand, the phone USB port “desoldered” by itself after few months and supports takes forever to answer.

Do you have any similar experience?
Does it void the warranty if I replace the USB port before support answers?



You don’t say which phone you have and what warranty you have.

Replacing parts available via the Fairphone shop does not void the warranty and even those parts have a guarantee.

We’re serious about our claim: Yours to open, yours to keep. Unlike other brands, we encourage you to repair or upgrade your Fairphone yourself so DIY repairs following our tutorials and repair guides should not void your warranty.

means the Fairphone smartphones including its replaceable parts, spare parts, accessories and possible services as offered for sale by Fairphone.
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You are right, sorry for that… I have a brand new FairPhone 4.
I have no clue what warranty I have, I did not even know there were different types of warranty.

Let’s see when is support going to answer.


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