Does Fairphone 3 Android 10 support desktop mode?

I’m on /e/ which doesn’t have Android 10 yet, so I’m just curious, does desktop mode work on Android 10 on the Fairphone 3? What is it like?

Well, “force desktop mode” is available in the developer options, if that helps. Can’t test it, though, as I don’t have a USC-C-to-HDMI-cable. Maybe someone else can?

According to the requirements, you would need a Qualcomm 8xx SoC for this. So I guess it simply does not work with the FP3. Have not tried it myself, though.

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I’m going to bump this in the hope that someone can test this because I think it would be very useful for my dad who doesn’t do much more that email, web browsing and watching Netflix on his laptop, things which the Fairphone 3 can do fine itself.

I wish I could test it myself but I run /e/OS on my Fairphone 3 so I sadly can’t.

The FP3’s USB-C connector only contains the USB 2.0 and charging pins, so any alternate modes apart from USB 2.0 OTG are not available.


Hej, I’m curious if there is a 100% answer yet. I’m thinking of getting a ‘nexdock’. Thanks,

The DP, HDMI and MHL alternate modes for USB-C all require the USB 3.0 pins to be present in the connector, so the answer is no for any simple adapter cable or device that uses those protocols over USB-C.

However it has been reported in this forum thread that DisplayLink devices work, but docks using it don’t charge the phone.

Edit: it might be an idea to use a dock that has its own power connector, to avoid draining your phone’s battery. A laptop USB-A dock with a USB-C to USB-A OTG connector would probably do the job.


No desktop mode, at least using DisplayLink adapters, which AFAIK are the only option for connecting external screens using cables. Even worse, as @AlbertJP says, charging does not seem possible (here I ran some tests, including trying the desktop mode in Android 10, without any effect: OTG and charging - #6 by serl)

That said, I still haven’t tried going wireless.

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