Does Anyone Own A Fairphone 2 That Works?

I have just received my FP2 back from being repaired and it is still broken. The phone will not charge and will not turn on. I first reported the problem over two months ago.

I have read through the forum and I see that many people have the exact same problem.

I have raised another ticket and while I wait two more months for that to be addressed I was wondering if anyone has a Fairphone 2 that actually works? Is it worth persevering with the FP2? Or is it just a defective product?

I have supported the project since the beginning. I bought a FP1 but the battery exploded. So I got a new battery and now that one is about to explode too. So I bought a FP2 but that is now broken and Fairphone have failed to repair it. Because both my Fairphones are broken I have had to buy a non-Fairphone so there is no social or environmental advantage to having a Fairphone.

Is it worthwhile getting a replacement phone or should I get a refund?

My FP2 works like a charm, I am sorry for you that you are having so much trouble.


Have your FP1 and your FP2 often run dry (i.e. the battery drained until it was at 0%, making the Fairphone switch off by itself)?

Very rarely. I use my phones a lot so they are always charged.

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You might want to have a look at the #batteryguide especially the Battery Reset FP2 part. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to leave the battery out of the phone at least 30 minutes before trying to charge it again.

I have been through that entire process. With two different batteries.

I can’t say what, if anything, the Fairphone technicians did while they had my phone. I received it back with a charged battery but it would not charge using any of my many chargers. Once the battery had expired the phone would not turn on and neither of my batteries will charge.


Please use the search function.

E.g. if you search for “charm” you’ll see 50 results (max) where people say their FP2s (or the particular software or process they are talking about in that topic) "works like a charm. Also you can see the tag praise or the community reviews.

About your issue please continue here: