Does anyone know what this part is? (part of the antenna)

My microphone hasn’t been working so, after reading about it on the forum, I decided to check he module wasn’t lose but when I took the display off this part fell out… can anyone help?

I think it’s from the main antenna:

You can probably locate the part in these photos:

All photos are from iFixit’s Fairphone 2 teardown.


Yes, it is. On the white side there are 2 x 2 ‘holes’. On my phone it also can loose. You can carefully place it back.
As you can see on the second photo. Just beside the right side of the battery.

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I just realized I have the Community Fairphone 2 at home right now, so I quickly made a close-up of the part in the CFP2:


I am afraid it will need soldering…

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I didn’t, just put it back. And I have no problem with my phone.

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Seems to be useless then and only placed for optical/weight/price reasons strangely hidden behind the cover…:wink:

I don’t think so. There are many antenna designs which needs conducting parts which are isolated from the “main antenna”. I do not know what that part is cood for, but I am sure there is some reason for it and if it only is to hold the antenna in place.

As an example for such an antenna whith isolatet parts

Here an Image where you can see that the rots really are Isolated to each other


Thanks for your clarification.

Hence to this my :wink:
As I can clearly see solder points of course it will need proper soldering to the missing wires as I did find similar parts in other radio operative devices.
Simply placing it back where it was found in the phone won´t put it into the state it was originally designed.

Sooner or later some misbehaving should appear otherwise.

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