Does anyone know how to escape from Factory Mode?! Thanks!

So… I dropped my phone down the toilet. :flushed:

I took it apart and dried it all out. Now when I’ve finally dared to plug it back in, it gives me a black screen with blue/yellow writing in English and Chinese:

Factory Mode
Auto Test
Manual Test
Item Test
Test Report
Debug Test
Clear eMMC

I’ve run the test and it seems all ok. However, hitting Reboot just brings me back to the same screen.

I’ve seen another similar post (Phone got wet, boots into factory mode) but it just suggested a repair place in Germany (I’m in the UK).

Can anyone suggest anything? Thanks! :slight_smile:


I can suggest that you take it to a repair place in the UK! :wink: See here for your options: #repairshops

Thanks :slight_smile:

It looks like there’s just one UK place on the list so far. I guess I’ll try somewhere local to me, and if they fix it then I’ll add it to the list!


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