Does a phone case damage the frame?

In the past cases around phones acted like sandpaper, and then when I removed the case after a long time of use the entire frame had specks and scratches all over, that could be felt with a finger.

Is this the same with the fairphone cases? And if so, is there any way to prevent this (such as using anti-slip stickers)?

Please have a look using the search function for reports

No need to be hostile and assume I didn’t.
I did use the search function and did not find anything.

About guidelines on how to use this forum…
I don’t see how your reply is “[Being] kind to your fellow community members.”.
It comes across more as “Knee-jerk contradiction”, if your first reply is to criticise me, not assuming good intent.

Hello, you have been given solid bit of advice and the relevant link. There was no criticism in the mod’s response. In that light I would see your response as non-kind.

On your specific topic, there has been one report if I recall of the original case and scratches, I have never had this experience with any phone or any case.

There are different communication styles on this forum and great amount of patience and good will, I hope you will find it as enjoyable as I do to see them all in action :slight_smile: