Do we get control over flight mode again in Android 6.0?

While it does not save battery as much as flight mode does, Android 6 can be told to be silent until a certain time with the Do not disturb feature.


Well, i don’t t know this. You seem to. Then, as Paul said, open a support ticket. Otherwise you probably won’t reach them

The probability is not zero, but if you look for a promising place in this forum for your needs, perhaps Feature Requests is worth a try.

@Bluemate already posted that feature request on 22 January. No need of posting it again.

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Ah thanks, and sorry, I managed to overlook that.

Edit: As this thread is about Android 6.0 and @Bluemate’s request is in the Android 5.1 feature request list, perhaps it could be copied over to the Android 6.0 list?

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a) Fairphone has to look if that is technically possible. Because there is a root workaround, I would say yes, this is technically possible.
b) Fairphone has to look if a Google approval is possible with this feature.
c) Fairphone must have free capacity to develop and test this feature. I think they are developing firstly for things that matter many users (like security updates, bugfixes or new Android versions). If they have free capacities, they can look at alternative OSs or feature requests. As the feature requests are a really long list now and a second list was started, the developers should begin with the feature request with the most votes (likes). That means that you have to wait longer because your feature requests is obviously important for only 5 users (including me and you).
d) Maybe things go faster if you (or another person) volunteer for implementing this feature. Ask Fairphone (through support) if they accept volunteer contributions. That volunteer only needs some Android programming skills.


As I understand: you don’t want to be disturbed during certain hours and days of the week. If that is the case than does this work for you? You can switch of notifications and incoming calls during certain days and hours. Settings -> Sound & Notifications -> Interruptions. Explanation in the following link: This works for Android 5 and don’t know if its working for 6.

Flightmode has been changed by Google and yes FP could probably do something, but that would also make their version of Android less stock version; which could mean more work to apply all security updates every month.

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Albert, come on, how can you say such things as “only a small part of the FP users actually need it.” ???

In a world where everybody will be soon aware that radio waves are bad for our health it should be common sense that every users put his phone in flight mode at night and put it out of flight mode every morning. 365 days a year… and you donn’t want to have an automated function for that ??? It is not “special app” it is a basic function that other phone building companies have implemented. Basic as an alarm or a torch in any modern phone.

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Sending a message to inform them is the first things I’ve done. But I’m not so naive and therefore I don’t think me sending a single message to them will be enough.

That’s why through the forum I’m looking if other persons understand the need for this function back in our phones and if they could as well send a message.

So please people use the Fairphone support page and send them the same message to show that there is a real need for it.

And paulakreuzer, if you could stick to usefull positive and constructives replies that would be great.

It is extremely complicated for any person which is not a geek. This is about 95% of users.

Come on, if other phone companies can do it and understand the need for it Fairphone can do it too. Especially if some guys alone in their basement have been able to develop app who could do it for years.

Again, here we speak about a function which is used every single day because putting ones phone on flight mode at night is simply a wise thing to do. 365 days a year that is enough for an automated function.

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I see why you would use it, but I just turn on the phone myself when I wake up, I don’t need an app for that. My schedule is often too irregular to let the phone do it by itself, unless it could be synced with the alarm or something like that. I do not recall anybody else asking for this feature on the forum, and that is why I called it a small part of the FP users.


Well, no, you understand nothing :-/

The question is absolutely not about having the phone on silent. Many apps can do it.
The question is about flight mode, and not being bombarded by radio waves all night long every night, BUT, still being able to get urgent phone calls in the morning WITHOUT having to wake up only in order to switch the phone out off flight mode.

And there is no “stock version”, so a simple basic control function will not be such an heavy load for Fairphone to do.

Well, here’s a nice (or not) video that checks some boxes of what you want to do as long as it isn’t doable more easily.


Yep, and when the very first one asked for SMS function to be implemented in our phones back then you would also argue that “I do not recall anybody else asking for this feature before” therefore it must not be very usefull :slight_smile:

Look at what a phone as powerfull as a computer should be able to do, not only at what it has been doing so far. And an automated flight mode function, linked with the alarm if you want (even better), is a must in a modern phone. Much more usefull than lots of apps or functions.

EXCELLENT ! Thank you for that information AnotherElk.

Now, seeing that there are even youtube videos about how to find (very complicated) ways to automate this basic function, it definitely prove, if still needed, that there is a real need and expectations for such a function.

Between the ones who choose to root and the others who use this Tasker+FRep workaround that makes enough peoples trying to find a way to this missing function. Basic function that customers having a Samsung or another brand get automatically without having to fight for it !

Now, for the ones who think those workarounds are easy and enough, then try to explain your mother how to do it over the phone :-). If you can’t, then that’s definitely not that easy for 99% of the crowd :slight_smile:

Hmmm … if you really wanted to take YouTube as any indication, then less than 3.000 views, 23 likes and a dozen or so comments at the moment don’t really convice me that you are on to something there and that there’s a big fat petition in favour of this feature out there for everybody to see. Is my frame of reference off?
And then according to video and comments at least LG and Samsung are ruled out as champions of choice in this matter, so who exactly is providing that feature with which models?

I’m all for a lot of features and settings to fiddle around with though, so the best of luck to you :wink: .


Well your frame of reference is just not taking in account a very important fact: Only the most motivated geek users are taking the time to search on youtube for such an information. Do you think that all the good familly fathers and mothers who do switch their phone flight mode every single evening and morning do bother going to search the web for a way to automate this function ? No way :slight_smile:
On the million person to whom this function would be usefull only the very few technical ones are visible on these stats.

And that is a fact because … you say so. I know, I know, the post-factual age and stuff, don’t get me started :slight_smile: … I’m pretty happy with my frame of reference.

Yours truly, apparently as a fact one of the most motivated geek users, simply was waiting for a backup to finish momentarily and was curious about what the internet would have to say about this automated setting in the meantime, and then it took him some seconds hacking “android scheduling flight mode” into Google and the video was a result on the first results page, else he couldn’t be bothered because his backup was just finishing up, but then of course he test ran the video, was put off by the annoying use of music, so tried to jump to some points in it to halfway confirm this could be useful and it looked really promising and that was it.

So fact-check: Either AnotherElk is just a lazy bum and found the video nonetheless and your fact is not a fact, or motivation as a concept is in a very sorry state of affairs.

Anyway, does that workaround even work?

But TV towers (which are also emitting radio waves) are now existing for decades, and sometimes (Berlin, Schwerin) they are in a highly-populated area. If radio waves are that harmful, there surely is a study confirming that (like comparing cancer rates of people next to a TV tower/with no TV tower nearby).

The phone is not permanently emitting radio waves at the highest level (as this would not be very battery-friendly), but only when it’s needed (like the mail program checking for new mail or the regularly sent sign of life to the mobile tower) and only at a level the base station can still “hear” the phone.

And what would you do during daytime? Then you will still be “shot” by radio waves. (And if you wear the phone inside a jacket, you will receive higher levels of radio waves than from the phone next to your bed.)