Divest OS: Everything about Divest OS on the Fairphones

The oslist wiki here in the forum? You can just update it as needed, its a wiki :wink:


ah, didn’t know it was public editable. will do, thanks!


Thanks for the great work with DivestOS!

I upgraded from DivestOS 19 to 20 on FP3. Works, but I found following issues:

  • Applications that could be unlocked with fingerprint in 19 no longer support fingerprint in 20. E.g. KeepassDX complains “Could not start this feature. Could not find the corresponding hardware.”. Note that fingerprint unlocking of the OS works fine. Recreating fingerprints did not help.
  • While ‘Secure app spawning’ worked fine and with acceptable performance on 19, performance on 20 is very poor - to the point that it becomes unusable. Just swiping down to access the configuration settings, and navigating the settings, temporarily freezes the phone. Fixing this requires disabling ‘secure app spawning’ and a full reboot.

Any ideas to further debug this are very welcome.


the slowness is likely a service constantly crashing in the background.

I’ll note 20.0 for FP3 broken, thank you for testing.

@SkewedZeppelin - ‘broken’ perhaps sounds a bit too harsh - I will continue to use it, but with ‘secure app spawning’ disabled for now (and without fingerprint authentication for apps).

If there is anything you would like me to test, let me know.

I’m still under DOS 19.1 on FP3, but I had the same issues with secure app spawning after first install 6 weeks ago (along with others with browsers and music players). I didn’t try enabling it again now, it may be due to the first weeks after the install where I had a few bugs, now disappeared.

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Apparently this is a known issue on LOS 20 - it is mentioned as not working in Unofficial LineageOS 20 for Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+ announcement

Moreover, it seems there are plans to fix this.

I guess the relevant commit is this one. I wonder about the reason behind this downgrade. Is the fingerprint sensor in FP3 indeed ‘weak’?

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Hello everyone,

I plan to install DivestOS and close the bootloader afterwards. Did any of you succeed in installing and closing the bootloader? If so, is there anything I should pay attention to (e.g. get_unlock_ability)?

No problem if this is not the case but in this situation, should I do “fastboot flashing unlock_critical” ? And if so, should I do it before “fastboot erase avb_custom_key”?

For reference, I’m following this: https://divestos.org/pages/bootloader

Thanks in advance.


I only recommend following the steps as listed on that page.

Do take special note for FP4:

Do NOT attempt to lock the bootloader if fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability returns zero or else it will brick. EDL access is not available on this device and you will have to send it in for service. [upstream][forum thread]


Thank you @SkewedZeppelin I’ll follow the steps diligently. I will not unlock the critical partition and will give updates on the progress of the installation if needed. Hoping for the best.

The installation goes on, I am at step 9 (fastboot update […].zip) and I have a problem. There is no android-info.txt file in the archive. I downloaded this archive on the 20/03 and the checksum is OK. I’m probably doing something but I don’t know what.


.zip directories

fastboot command works with the -fastboot file.
you’re trying to flash the OTA. read through the steps again


That makes sense. I’ll try to pay a little more attention.

Edit: It went perfectly well, rebooting after factory reset took a minute (FP4). Just need to be careful with the files that need to be used :slight_smile:. I have get_unlock_ability: 1 so I’ll try to lock the bootloader tomorrow.


@SkewedZeppelin - I tested the divested-20.0-20230322-dos-FP3 release, and that one works perfectly.

Fingerprint works again for all applications, and I no longer see the performance degradation.

Thanks a million!

Also, congratulations with your Outstanding New Free Software Contributor award - well deserved!


I also tested the same version as @Micka on FP3, and can confirm that everything is running smoothly. Even with secure app spawning activated, the phone is very responsive.

I am available to test FP3 functionalities if needed.

My sincere thanks to @SkewedZeppelin !


I’ve been using DivestOS on my FP4 for over two months now and have already done two system updates (my current version is DivestOS20/20230322). There are no issues.
@SkewedZeppelin: Thank you for your excellent work.


Kuketz did a writeup of DivestOS as part of their Android OS series:


I’ve made some improvements to reduce friction, most notably providing device specific install steps vs the previous generic guide: FP2, FP3, FP4

There is also now an unprivileged microG enablement feature for those who really want: Faq - DivestOS Mobile
But I strongly recommend against depending on such proprietary apps.


YES!!! I got a new job today, and this is a close second for the best thing to happen today.

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I can’t enable the microG repo in F-Droid. Until today, I got an error like described in the issue already filed (’ “microG: Signing certificate does not match…” error’).

Since today, the error has changed to “microG: connection closed => connection closed…” (Mull can reach the internet, though).

Am I missing some basic prerequisite?

The hard/software is
DivestOS 20-20230720-dos-FP4
F-Droid 1.17.0