Divest OS: Everything about Divest OS on the Fairphones

Did you lock the bootloader after installing?

Edit: it seems you did! I don’t think I’m gonna risk it though

Yes my bootloader is locked.
After 6 weeks and three OTA updates it works well. There is a focus on privacy and security. Apparently FP firmware is now included. Only messanging application Signal drains so much battery without google services that it is arguably unusable. I have nothing else to declare apart from an efficient and available support on XMPP

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Experimental A13 based builds are now available for FP4: News - DivestOS Mobile

Reported working so far, albeit with some hiccups of two random reboots noted.
I don’t have a Fairphone myself to personally test with.


Calyx has released their device flasher now. I’m just wondering if there’s any way of making the device flasher flash Divest OS instead? Has anyone tried it?

Can it lock the bootloader safely if you use Divest OS?