Display unlock problems

  • most of the times I have to use the pin code a second time to open my fairphone.
    is this a known bug?
  • why is there no option to use the fingerprint to unlock the phone?

thanks in advance!

Fingerprint to unlock phone is nearly the only function which is left after the update to Android 13. Once a day PIN code is necessary too, since the update. So what is exactly your problem?

  • every time I unlock my phone by the pin-code, it opens only shortly then locks and only opens definitively after tne next pin-input.
  • is there a chance of an update so to be able to unlock the phone by finger-print, …or even iris-sensor maybe? (the austria_ID-app needs a biometric lock of the phone)

With the current software unlocking is possible as already said. But the Austrian ID app will not work anymore.

Sounds odd. Did this come out of the blue, or after a recent update or anything?
And we are not talking about different PINs here, e.g. one time as the SIM PIN for the SIM card, the other time as the lockscreen PIN?

No update needed for this, this should work, but it has to be set up first, of course.


Do you have a SIM PIN as well as the unlock PIN?

I noticed on mine that after power-up, I unlock it (I use a swipe pattern) and shortly afterwards the SIM PIN is required. So I enter that and the phone re-locks, requiring the swipe pattern again.

If you have the unlock and SIM PINs set to the same code, it would give the appearance of requiring 2 or maybe 3 unlocks after power-up, due to the above behaviour.

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  • the same lockscreen-PIN is needed two times. - a little odd is another thing: after a restart i have now (since android 13) first to enter the lockscreen-PIN, then the SIM-PIN, and then once more the lockscreen-PIN (again two times mostly)

-my settings do not show the fingerprint-mode as unlock-option.

Can you post a screenshot of the page settings → security?

Same problem here. At very random moments the SIM in slot 1 blocks, locks the screen and ask for the sim pincode and afterwards the fingerprint or the phone pincode. This never happens with SIM 2
Sometimes it happens twice a day, sometimes 5 times in a row. Very annoying
Also, the preferred SIM configuration is disturbed, SIM 2 is selected for all calls and text messages.

hi volker, thanks for your answer, here my screenshots whithout fingerprint-option:

hi, unfortunately i had to do a factory reset (trying to repair this PIN-bug), but even now still the same problem: unlocking needs the same pin-code two times.

hi, unfortunately i had to do a factory reset (using a swipe pattern trying to repair this PIN-bug which backfired and dit not open any morre at all), but even now still the same problem: unlocking needs the same pin-code two times.

This looks normal so far.
Can you also please send a screenshot of the page when you select “Fingerabdruck” (the first page should be a PIN confirmation page and after that there should be the “Fingerabdruck” settings page)?

thanks for your fast answer! here is next screenshot:

Well, as the screenshot says - you should already be able to unlock your phone via this stored fingerprint.
I’d propose to add your finger again as additional fingerprint. Maybe the device does no longer recognize the first finger already stored?
Apart from that there had always been lot of reports in the past about the FP3 fingerprint sensor not working perfectly.
Maybe you have a look at this post:

Or at this topic:

And (even as it sounds starnge) for some it has helped to put an adhesive tape (“Tesafilm”) over the fingerprint sensor to improve it.

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hello volker, thanks for your answer! I dont understand the above sentence.
please would you be so kind as to tell mewhere else to look for a fingerptint unlock option!
thanks in advance, rudi

Maybe @OldRoutard can best answer your question as that’s the person having created the mentioned post.
I understand the sentence as there’s the setting “Choose screen lock” with the mentioned options. It’s normal (works as designed) that “fingerprint” does not appear there. Using the fingerprint is always an option to unlock the phone, once the fingerprint is registered, independently of what’s selected as additional unlock option under the “choose screen lock” setting.
Hope this helps.

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thank you for your answer, that seems fully logical to me.
but even now, with two new good, registered fingerprints , I don’t find an option lin to choose this to unlock my phone. where is this menu?

thank you in advance!!

I think there is no option. It should just work. So it seems that in your case there’s something wrong (not in the setting, because there’s none…) - and sorry, I don’t know what exactly… :frowning:

But I don’t understand this.
Is the fingerprint-lock activated by itself as soon as you scan your finger?
How was it with your phone?