Display sleep timeout limited to 30 seconds

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I’ve had my FP2 for about a month now and overall I’m very happy. I just have one problem, which is exactly the same as this, except that it has been that way since I got the phone, I don’t use the Open OS and my phone is not rooted. So it’s now running on Fairphone OS 17.08.1.

Through using the app “Display System Settings” I found out that the problem is indeed that “sleep_timeout” is set to 30000.

The described su command doesn’t work in a terminal emulator, which is assume is because my phone is not rooted? Is there any easy way to fix this, without rooting the phone (I’m not even sure what that means and how to do it)? Apart from this, my phone works great, and I’m scared of creating more problems than I’m fixing… As you might be able to tell, I’m not really an expert on how electronics work, so thanks in advance for any help!

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I also have this problem. I have for a long time used Daydream (alternating between sequence of photos on the screen) when my phone is being charged, and after an OS upgrade it no longer ran for more than 30 seconds, which made me very aware of this bug. I think, but I am not certain, that this bug was introduced in the upgrade to Android 6. I’d be really happy if this is something that could be fixed.


Hello Anne-Cathrine,

unfortunately the solution with the terminal and su only works if the phone is rooted. I don’t know an other solution. @Wico wrote that you need root for his workaround. I hope that someone find a solution for you because I know that this bug is very annoying.

If not, you can

  1. Install FP Open with Method 1, that’s pretty simple.
  2. Use the nice option in FP Open to give yourself root very simple.
    and than your described terminal thing.
    I think, this is not very difficult, but may be you’ve got a friend who likes computers and wants to help you!?
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