Display screen coming off

Hi there, My husband’s FP3 was working perfectly ok until the screen suddenly came off, as a whole. Pretty strange as it is well protected with cover and band. Will replacing the screen do the trick, or other suggestions anyone?

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Can you possibly share some pictures as at the moment I’m not able to understand what exactly came off and why.


If what you mean is that the actual display panel is coming unglued from the display module, you can remove the entire panel carefully (making sure you don’t pull the ribbon cable from the module), remove all the glue, clean with alchohol, then use TESA tape (2mm worked for me) where the glue was to reattach the screen. I did this after my screen started to come unglued after too hastily removing the display module and it is good as new. Link to iFIXIT tape:

It may not be quite as protected from water because you can’t do this without removing a tiny rubber grommet around the screen, but with a case this won’t matter too much.


Thank you for your reactions, this is what happened


Thank you for your tips and tricks! we will do that.

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