Display flickering

Hi everybody!

Has anyone else encountered the following problem?

From time to time (roughly every 10th time) the display flickers when I turn it on… I see “horizontal dancing” stripes, a bit like on an old TV screen that has a poor scart-connection to the video-recorder (oldschool stuff XD …I´m not sure if you kids know what I´m talking about ^^).
The flickering also “turns in synchronisation” with screen rotation.
For now I use the typical MS Windows troubleshooting technique… turn it off (just the screen, not the whole system) and on and then it works again… for some time…

I have played a little with screen brightness (as I stumbled across a yuk iphone gollum troubleshooter-thread describing a similar problem…) …but this didn´t help.

Any ideas??

thx in advance

Hi @Metal_Oida

Because you describe in your post that this also happens when you turn your phone (thus in landscape mode) we might conclude that this is a software-related (and not hardware-related) problem, which is good! Phew :wink:

Perhaps this started after you installed a certain app that alters your screen or plays with your screen resolution. If not, I think the most likely thing to do is to do a soft and or hard reset. If you don’t know how to this, please get back to me.

Kind regards and good luck


Thanks for the quick response \o/ (sounds a bit like the "serious"
version of my “windows-solution” ^^)
…gonna try that in the near future.
I´ll post in the forum when I have news.

David (Metal_Oida)

What version of the FP OS are you running? I have a vague memory of quite a few reports on screen flickering earlier, but have the impression that this was solved by an OS upgrade, either to 1.3 or (more likely) to 1.6

News on the flickering front…
What I´ve done so far:
I set the phone back to factory settings, restarted the system, but the problem still occured…
Then I performed the “hard reset” strictly following THIS protocol, restarted the system, problem still there…
Afterwards I installed the latest System update(s) (Fairphone Storage-Thingie and Fairphone Cherry 1.6), restarted the system, problem still there… but it changed a bit.
Now the horizontal stripes keep their orientation even when I turn the phone (automatic screen rotation is on).
aah and by the way… when I have a black/white contrast (like in the settings-menu) I don´t see the stripes…

so long…