Screen is flickering strongly - unable to use phone

Dear All,

Since yesterday, my screen had started to strongly flicker: the shortcut options keep appearing from the bottom left corner, and the setting options appear in a flickering type of mode. It seems that the screen does not accept seelctions that I do, or on a random base. I managed to do one phonecall, but other apps I cannot access. Restartinga and switching off (once I manage between the flickers) did not help. I have not done any resets - as I now cannot save my data or send them anywhere (i.e. backup).

Has this occurred to you? Do you know any solution to this?

Sincere thanks!!
Best, Elisabeth

  1. Read a bit more on the matter:
  1. Do the touchscreen test and post a screenshot, like here.
  2. Contact support and plead for a warranty ticket.