Display fell off my FP 3. What to do now?

The display of my Fairphone 3 just fell off my phone! And is, of course, not possible to use any more. Has anyone else experienced this? The touch screen (glass plate) and a thin metal plate attached to it, came off in one picece, and the “cobber tape” that apparently connects it to the phone, got teared right off. I have noticed that the black surface under the glass screen has looked a little “worn” around the edges lately, but the display has been working fine. Maybe this was actually the glue holding the glass that was gradually dissolving?

I searched the FP webshop for spare parts, but the Display for FP3 is listed as Out of stock. What to do then?

I will of course contact FP Support when it opens, but this is really annoying!

Hello and welcome.
I am sorry to hear about your frustrating experience.

We have been told by @anna_jopp that FP# Displays are expected to come back to the shop soon - by the end of January or in February.

There have also been some threads on self repairing the screen, I am not sure I have found a proper one, but have a look around

Good luck:)


Thanks for the reply. Good to hear that the displays will be back in stock! Have to cross my fingers that it will not be too long.

That is very strange, I haven’t heard of anything like that… Could you maybe send some pictures? Maybe we can see what went wrong.

Also, @tilmix is offering a FP3 display in this post:

See the topic linked by @Meaghan for pictures… There are more in the forum. This can easily happen e.g. when you disassemble it wrong.

This did not happen related to disassembling, I have never disassembled the display. It just fell off. I see now that the post linked by Meaghan discussed a lot of cases where the display have come loose in the exact same way. The only difference is that my display fell completely off, so the connection got broke. This must be a weakness in the type of glue used in the display of FP3?

This is how it looks like:

Disassambling was 1 example…

And does it not look exactly like this?

Maybe check with a repair shop/cafe.

Is there enough space for using a special double sided tape?


The connection to the phone is broken. So the display is not working at all.

Is the ribbon cable damaged? They are non replacable as far as I know. I wouldn’t pay for a new LCD if I couldn’t connect it up.

I had a really nice chat with Support when they opened after the weekend. Hope to sort this out soon. The display module should be back in stock in a few days too, they said.


Got my new display module, and now my phone works perfectly! Very easy to install it myself too :slight_smile:


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