Display carrier network name in status bar

I have an FP4 on Andriod 12. The carrier name (Orange or Swisscom etc) is displayed as the first item on the status bar (top left: “Orange F”):

2023-10-16 09-11-35

My friend has a different phone, with Android 13. In his phone’s settings there is no option to display the carrier name, or at least we could not find one.

On FP4 Android 12 it is in settings→display→network name.

I would like to go to Android 13, but the display of the network name is crucial to me. Is it still possible, or is it a feature that has been taken away in Android 13 on FP4?

I live in France, at the border with Geneva in Switzerland. Almost every day I therefore switch carrier at random moments. But the costs are different on both sides. I need to see at a glance on which network I am: the network switching is not obvious as there are areas in Geneva where the French signal is available and vice-versa.
The solution is obviously NOT to switch manually: too tedious.

Anybody know?

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I have an FP5 with Android 13, and the option is still available in the path you wrote above.

On FP5 with Android 13 the option is available. You can turn on to display the network name
I would expect with FP4 too, but not 100% safe

Thank you both.
As it is available on FP4+A12, and on FP5+A13, I will take the risk and assume it is also available on FP4+A13.
Have a nice day.

I’m pretty sure I saw it recently, but currently I can’t find it on my FP4 with A13…

The option is actually gone on my FP4 with A13. I can’t find it anywhere. (Not that I miss it.)


I have an FP4 with A13 and the carrier names are being displayed. (Sidenote: Tose are the carrier names of the Network you’re logged in to. So if you’re using your SIM card in another country via roaming it won’t match the original provider of your SIM card.)

On the lockscreen, yes. But the moment you unlock the phone, it’s gone. You need to open the quick settings to see the carrier name.

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On FP4 + Android 13 in its DivestOS 20 Oct. 2023 incarnation it is not at that path.

The setting is under Display on the FP5!?

Yes, of course it will be a different name if I’m on a different carrier, and that is exactly what I need (not ”want”, but “need” !).
the change does not happen the moment I cross the border, but only when the French mast signal gets weaker than the Swiss mast signal. Sometimes it does not happen at all, sometimes it happens when I’m still in France. But the costs are different, and some services are not accessible, so I really do need to know, at a glance, what I’m connected to.

Now, the other answers are a bit confusing: Razem says the option is gone, but the name still visible on the lock screen. That’s not where I want it: I need it all the time, in any app, as it is on A12.

So until confirmation, I’ll put A13 on hold.

As already said the carrier name is shown on the lockscreen, but also if quick settings are opened completely on my FP4 with A13. Unfortunately I found no way yet to enable it on home screen.

Thanks melzrob,
I need it all the time, anywhere, in any app.
Sigh. I’ll patiently wait.

If you’re waiting for this feature to come back, you might wait for a long time. Your best chance is to present your case to support.

I get that mistakes are expensive in your case, but I don’t yet understand why quickly checking by pulling down the status bar won’t work for you.

I’ll present it to support.

Thanks for your suggestion.
But pulling down the status bar on my FP4-A12 means:

  • pull twice, because the first pull does not go down far enough,
  • tap twice to get back to where I was.
    Why do I have to suffer that?

I need the info. So I’ll report it to support.

There is a current trend to hide as much information as possible, presumably in order to give all space to images and videos, or perhaps not to overload the poor dummy user. This trend is noticeable on all types of devices.

Remember how the screenshot icon on recent-items screen was removed, but then they had to put it back. Similar things have happened on Apple’s software and hardware: remove a productive feature, then backtrack to reinstate it.

Worse: not following the user’s preferences. Note in the screenshot I gave at the start: the date is “Monday, Oct 16”, but my preference for date format is ”Monday, 16 October”. So why is that not used?
And I had to use my old iPhone to make a photo of that screen, because I canot find out how to make a screenshot of the home screen…

I did manage to get a little tweak so the seconds are displayed in the time at the top left. Why am I not allowed to see the seconds?


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For screenshot press volume down + power button together.

I never saw seconds till now. Looking at Windows 11 it might be because of more power consumption and less battery life

Hello, Iuse a little app called System UI Tuner to Display seconds in ther statusbar clock display.
Works fine!

Thanks, that works. (though rather unreliably and often changes the volume.)

2023-10-17 11-47-55

And yes, I have used System UI Tuner (a long time ago) to get the seconds. Thanks for the tip though.

As to power consumption when seconds are displayed: when the screen is lit, perhaps a little bit more, but I have never had a problem.
I’ve read about this too, but there are never any numbers given.
I wonder what consumption there is while the camera displays its picture live. That happens usually for several seconds before taking a picture, and that must take a lot of power.
Then also I switch my phone off when I’m done with it, whereas I observe that most people just leave it on until it switches itself off.
Without measured energy numbers it is impossible to say.
It’s a bit like switching devices off instead of putting them in stand-by. Depending on the usage, and on the device, the mere start-up sequence may take a peak of energy that is equivalent to several days of stand-by.

If the first pull doesn’t go down enough, you could consider to change the sequence of the icons.
You can do this by tapping the pencil after the second pull down.

Thanks for that tip. I did not know.

The real thing remains: that I just want the carrier name to appear instantly when I turn the phone on or when it turns itself on for an incoming call for instance. I then see immediately if I’m paying roaming charges or not.
I understand most people are not bothered, especially if they live in the middle of a country. But I don’t, and I’m certain there are in fact millions in a similar situation: people who live in Breda, Maastricht, Antwerp, Geneva, Basel, Strasbourg, Londonderry, Bratislava, Tijuana, Mexicali, … you name it.

I have filed a suggestion to Fairphone support.

Thanks everyone.