Display brightness low in dark environment [Update: SP21.B.048.20230215]

Agreed. Facts are: we purchased a phone that worked reasonably in this regard. It was changed and no longer works reliably. We all wish to be in teh position we were prior to the change . End of. Basically, fix the damned thing! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

:smiley: Apparently the FP4 is learning (albeit slowly!): Now, when I unlock it in the dark-ish environment of my bedtime bedroom, it first goes all (too) dark for a second or two, then brightens up a little, approximately to the level I was manually setting it over and over again.

Well, it took its sweet time, and apparently it is still quite unsure what brightness level it should chose. But I can work with that.

It can be taught! :champagne: :tada:

If you can also reproduce it in a total dark environment,then it works. But darkish sounds like it just catches light so it brightens the screen. If it really learned it wouldn’t go all the way to 0% to begin with. I hope it’s solved for you, but I think you’re celebrating too soon.

Well, it’s the daily recurring situation when I, before sleeping, play a game of solitaire or two on my phone. Always in the same bed, illuminated by the same nightstand lamp. And while in A11 times the automatic brightness setting was okay, my problems started with A12, it was way too dark. Yesterday I noticed the brightness is (after some hesitation) normal again, without me having to correct it.
But I’ll try to see what it does in total darkness, this evening (too lazy to walk down to the cellar…).

That hesitation before settling to a given brightness level is constant: If I unlock it in anything than bright sunlight (lots of that here…), it does switch to the default brightness (usually full power), then changes its mind and selects the one I had thought appropriate for that given level of illumination (goes both ways, sometimes the screen is too bright. “Ham-fisted” is how I would describe the A12 automatic brightness adjustment… Anyway.).
I hope it will eventually lose that hesitation, but if it doesn’t it’s no big deal, I can live with that, as long as I don’t need to adjust it constantly manually.

Well, I tried, in total darkness. Phone screen went all dark, I increased brightness a little, switched the screen off, and when I unlocked it again, it did go back to the setting I had entered, not the minimum brightness.

Now this is a very unscientific test, I would need to see if it still remembers that setting several days (and possibly a reboot) later, but at least its short term memory now works.
It does hesitate a lot though, it’s far from a smooth experience, but as I said previously I can live with that as long as it doesn’t take too long to decide. :hourglass:

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This was the behavior before the update as well, when it was always stuck at 30%. I had to manually lower it every evening to prevent my eyes getting burned. You’ll have to do this every day though. So I wouldn’t call that learning or a fix.

So I think you were celebrating too soon.

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The difference being that now it defaults (defaulted) to 0%, and then apparently remembered my rising it to 25-30%.
Oh well, we’ll see.

Try a reboot :wink: Or try again tomorrow. It doesn’t retain this preference. This was the case for me before, doing the opposite, every time adjusting it from 30% to 0% on a daily basis. Sorry if this wasn’t clear in my previous reply.

Yep, you were right: I tried unlocking in total darkness yesterday evening and indeed it had forgotten… :frowning_face:
But it does at l(e)ast seem to remember the custom setting for the bedtime bedroom brightness, after over a week of me correcting it manually. (Unless it’s just the new light bulb, can’t obviously test that.)

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i have exactly the same problem. It doesn’t remember. Whenever I drove home from sports. I look at my Fairphone again before getting off, it’s super dark again… I always have to readjust it. I really don’t understand why this is being questioned again and again. If I didn’t have the problem, I wouldn’t write about it here either.

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If you mean me, I wasn’t questioning it, I was just hoping it was actually just taking a really long time to remember. :frowning_face:

Apparently it isn’t, it really has no (persistent) memory, just as initially suspected. :frowning_face:

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Hello @KurtF,
I don’t mean you, I mean Uppercase. I have the feeling that it wants to downplay our explanation of the problem. The problem is real and it bothers! These half things are just annoying and there are possible solutions. Instead, it just keeps telling you what to do, which just doesn’t solve the problem.

I doesn’t really matter what anyone here says, only Fairphone, the company, can fix this (somehow). We know they know about it, the only question now is, do they consider the issue important enough to warrant any expenses (i.e. somebody coding a fix/improvement)?
And obviously, how fast does that person work! :grin:

(I mean, there are the way more serious, well-known and already ancient issues of ghost inputs and choppy phone calls which haven’t been fixed so far, so whatever you do don’t hold your breath! :smiling_imp:)


Yes I agree with you. I just hope that things get actively fixed. Right now I have the impression that nothing is happening at all. We don’t need to talk about the big picture in this thread. fingers crossed and pray :slight_smile:

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Love the thinking that went into the darker auto-brightness at night.

However, every single time since this came out I have to adjust the auto-dark to 20% brighter again. Push the power button to sleep the phone, turn it back on, can’t see the screen again, have to move the slider to 20% again.

It’s a really good idea spoiled by not saving a preference.

Fairphone folks, when I manually set it to 20% above darkest setting, please save that, okay? Please, pretty please?



Just to metion: #contactsupport is a link on how to contact support and not to contact support.this is a user forum and no official support forum.


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