Display automatic turn off:

display automatic turn off: Does not turn off in 50% of the cases, since Android 12? Someone has the same experience?

I’ve seen it happen on mine, once.
IMHO, and that’s only a wild guess, it might have something to do with the newfangled “Android System Intelligence” of A12, some sort of modern cousin of Clippy, which is supposed to guess what you want to do, and do it for you. That includes not switching the screen off while you’re reading/watching stuff or playing a game.
In this case it should eventually learn when to turn the display off and when not.
What’s wrong with good old timeouts? Oh yes, Google’s Pixels run on a machine learning CPU (Google Tensor), and as everyone knows to a guy with a hammer everything looks like a nail. Everything will have to become AI-driven…

no, it seems pretty random.

Well, it would, at the beginning, the time to “learn”.
That been said we probably have different problems, since on my phone it only happened once so far, otherwise it switches off quite reliably.

I have the same issue. Very annoying. I always have to push the on/off button to be sure the display is turned off.

For automatic screen on / off I can recommend KinScreen (available from Play Store and Aurora). Especially useful if you have a flip-case.

Recommended settings with a flip-case:

  • Turn screen on
    By uncovering proximity sensor
  • Keep screen on
    By motion
  • Screen time out
    15 sec after covering proximity sensor

The settings can be fine-tuned with the premium version (my choice) but honestly I was happy with the basic version. Battery consumption negligible with the above settings, but likely more if you want to turn it on by waving it about or something.

My use of the physical power switch is now much reduced.

After the update to Android 12 and also the security update of February 2023 the screen time out does not always work , in my case I set time out after 15 seconds and randomly the screen stays on.

So far, I’ve noticed this once - when I’ve put the phone on the charger. Can you deduce some rules when does this happen? E.g. which app is in foreground and so on… Once you have some idea, you can try doing the same in the safe mode to rule out some rouge apps.

Hi. I have the same problem. It seems pretty random to me.

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same Problem here :frowning:

same here. Does not matter whitch app is on front, or charger in.
and you are not the first reporting this in this forum…

Thx for this tip! I bought the premium version and now my screen responds to my flip case. This is great!! :+1:t2::ok_hand:t2:

Yes, this sometimes happens here as well, but not that often. I think this is one of the quirks introduced with Android 12 which have to be solved with a future update.