Discount for sending in FP2 when buying FP3 from reseller?

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When pre-ordering the FP3 from the website, it says that one can get €40,- discount on it when returning the FP2. Which is great! I understood that, once the FP3 is received and working, you can send your FP2 in.

Does this also work when buying an FP3 from a reseller?

I wonder this because of two reasons; 1) I’d like the FP3 a little sooner that mid October (at which point I won’t be home, so mid November in my case) and 2) I’m probably going to switch providers, so would like to get on in the store with a mobile plan.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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You find the “How To” on this page:


And there it says:

Fairphone 3 order number

You can either find this in your email inbox or by logging in to your Fairphone account at the top of the page.

Absolutely clear are the “Terms And Conditions

Webshop means our online shop section where you can acquire information about our Products and purchase them: www. .

Website means our website:

As I see it:
No cashback if buying with a reseller.


Thanks BertG, I didn’t scroll down far enough to see the terms & conditions on ‘How To’ page.

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Additional question; is is possible to send the FP2 back regardless of the discount?
(since I’ll highly likely buy one from a reseller)

I think you can contact support and if you tell them you’d like to send in your FP2 and pass on the discount they won’t say no. But you may want to consider giving it to local #fairphoneangels or selling it/giving it away locally on the #market instead.


Good point. But since last week the camera won’t focus anymore, I doubt anyone would want to buy that.

If the core module still works its still very valuable. Even if just some of the smaller modules work there will be taken. Bottom Modules for example are always in demand.


True, true…thank you for your suggestion!

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Well, judging by the toc, I would say, that you can send in any phone, without getting a refund, except from Norway and Switzerland (maybe that’s the reason for the problems with entering a delivery address).
And it seems to really be a good thing to do, as they revive phones, that are still working and recycle those that don’t. The recycling value will be used for enhancing recycling programs:

Contribute to develop recycling

We work with our partners Closing the Loop and Recell Ghana to ship e-waste from Africa to Europe for safe recycling. If you send us a phone that can be reused, the revenue beyond costs, if any, goes to financing those projects.

Thanks again @BertG!

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