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[GUIDE] Use Tasker to Enable/Disable Second Sim Card on Dual Sim Phones - NO ROOT

Need: Tasker
(Tipp for Fairphoner without Playstore) Tasker (You can purchase a new direct purchase license from developer and use a special direct purchase version of Tasker that he’ll send you)


Hi Folks,

Has anyone actually gotten any of these ideas to work on a FP2? I tried Tasker, as well as Automate, and from my quick initial look, neither can disable the FP2 SIM slots.

Thanks for any pointers!

I just updated my FP2 and have the same problem. If I would have known that this features is not available anymore, I wouldn’t have made the update!!! This feature is not a “nice to have”, it’s a “must have” for me! This is the first time I’m really really disappointed about fairphone …

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See the “I regret upgrading, how do I downgrade?” section here …

Yes, this is annoying. Dear Fairphone this is not “FAIR”. I paid for dual Sim phone having this feature … please bring it back soon or I have to switch away from FP2 after having it for only three years …


This is still a community forum, not the company. Fairphone staff still might read along and engage occasionally, or not.

Please upvote the issue in the bugtracker, if you want to contribute to accomplishing anything.

And you can still downgrade to Android 6.


Yes indeed I downgraded after trying the update to A7 because SIM disabling like in A6 is essential and one reason to purchase a FAIRPHONE. Additonally A6 does not get any security updates anymore through FAIRPHONE so thank you for spending 400 euro plus but no thanks…


Karsten Tausche 11 Sep 2019 12:10

“We are working together with an external partner to re-implement the dual SIM enable/disable toggles on Android 7. This will allow for enabling and disabling of individual SIM cards when two SIM cards are inserted, as it was on Android 5 and Android 6. We are making steady progress but cannot say yet if and when we will be able to release a fix.”


Just for the record: Using Ubuntu Touch 16.04 (at least with 2019 W41/2) I am able to disable/enable both SIM cards; either at start up (just hit “x” when asked to enter the SIM1 code resp. SIM2 code), or change to flight modus: After disableing it again I can just enable one of the two SIM cards. I know, it is not Android 7, but perhaps it is worth a try.

Maarten Derks 10 Oct 2019 10:57

"We have a fix for this issue available for testing in the beta program.
Please consider joining the beta program by sending an email with your forum account name and a short motivation to beta@fairphone.com. New to the forum? Sign up!
As a member, head over to this forum topic to participate."

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