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Since the update, the function of disabling sim cards is not working anymore. I do see many unsatisfied customers and no comment from the side of Fairphone. That means that people are getting more and more frustrated (see bugtracker about this) and are not recommending FP2 anymore or even switching to other dual sim phone.
Fairphone stands for a community, a movement, working on a more fair world. Dual sim is one of the really great features of FP re waste/environment. And now FP is giving up on this.
Please Fairphone, take our comments serious and get this function back as soon as possible.



Here is one:

We understand that this is an important feature for many users. I personally always use two SIM cards. Unfortunately, I am unable to say when this issue will be resolved at the moment.

The bug status is “confirmed”, so clearly they accept that this is an issue that should be fixed, which is the opposite of giving up on it.


Thanks a lot Paula for your answer.
The problem is that other information given by Fairphone (e.g. mentioned in the thread) is different from what you are saying.
So I hope your answer is the one Fairphone is really working on. Might be good to give that answer in the thread of the bugtracker.
Succes with fixing/resolving this issue, that will help people continuing to use and promoot Fairphone as the best alternative.
Thank again for your answer.

What do you mean?

The answer I quoted is from the bugtracker.

What Gert means is the answer I got from Fairphone support on January 9th which can be found in the bugtracker likewise:

"At the moment we are not working on it to get it back. We might do in the future, but at the moment its not our priority. "

Whether or not this is being worked on, I am disappointed in Fairphone either way. I am not sure how an update with such serious flaws can be released in the first place. When I updated my phone, with the second sim disabled as it was, it got into a locked mode asking for a pin and puk for my first sim but not accepting either. Asking for help via the service desk was pointless, they suggested it was a sim provider problem! We finally worked out ourselves to take out the second sim card (after powering down via the work around, given that that doesn’t work properly either since the update). After that, no problem. But also no dual sim. And no response from Fairphone about when this might be fixed or even an apology.

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That is probably still true as there are many other bugs and only one was fixed so far.

I am also really disappointed with this and many other features of the FP2. This one is a crucial feature to be able to switch of your professional SIM card when your are not at work ! You can’t even not enter the pin when you switch it on. I really hope, they will work on fixing it soon.
I participated in the bugtracker report for this issue maybe they will move faster : https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-android-7/issue/55

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Hello ,

I can only add to the others customers comments, that I as well am very disappointed with the way this is handled by fairphone.
First that the Android 7 update even gets released without this basic functionality for a phone that advertises its dual sim feature is more than suboptimal.

But worse I find is the way fairphone reacts to their customers complaints.
If this , despite the many complaints and requests for fixing from customers is not actively worked on and might never be , because this is “ not a priority “ … well I don’t know what to say to such a cheeky answer.

Also I find it astonishing (in a very negative way) that this bug still is only assigned priority “low” status in the bug tracker.It’s the third most upvoted item and still low priority?!

I certainly do hope they readjust their priorities because they re actively annoying and loosing customers.I will not recommend the fairphone to others in the present state and I would not buy one again , should my present one fail.

I liked to support the idea of a fair(er) phone and happily invested the not small price , but in regard of Customer support and treatment I expect a lot more.

Kind regards,



Is this a bloody joke ?!? I’ve just done the update to Android 7 and this main feature of managing two SIM cards has just disappeared without warning !!! Now I find myself with just a basic phone, simply having two phone numbers which I cannot control at all. The work and the private phone numbers are ringing whenever they decide and I have no control on it anymore.

And Fairphone is wrongly advertising about customers having control over the phone ?!?
And Fairphone is speaking about being transparent but does not inform about this major change BEFORE doing the update ?!?
And Fairphone talks about being durable but decrease the phone most interesting functionality ?!? This is not update this is downgrade :frowning:
And now what ? They react with no real energy and will to solve that major BUG !
I’ve always spoken in a very positive way to all my relatives about Fairphone despite the many bugs but this is becoming to much.

Please react to this in a more professional way.


Until this is perhaps resolved in Android 7 somewhen …
There’s still the “I regret upgrading, how do I downgrade?” section here …

I’m still waiting and my Support for FF is ending! I put it on Bug Tracker! No Answer! I mailed: see what happend! FF will not fix an important issue. I have to take my sim-card out every evening, wknd or holiday. When i forgot something i put it back in. Imagine my product. I was told to go back on android 6: the F2 crashed totally! After they told me : it’s not supported to goback on android 6 (…). I had to to factorysetting and start over again. Still stuck with that major problem of not able to controle a sum! Extra: now i have an unstable phone. It warms up a lot! It has frozen or a scrambled screen. Battery is speeddraining while i have less apps on it…!! So , what now?!

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As you can read: i did a factory reset…

A factory reset on the Fairphone 2 only deletes user data and Apps and leaves the OS as is. If something on the OS side became faulty, the fault will survive a factory reset.

Ok…but what faulty…had a paid virusscan. And the problem was that FF told me to go back for android 6 what became a total disaster. And the main issue was only the question to disable a simcard. O well

There’s a thing or two to be said about the sense and nonsense of antivirus Apps on smartphones, but in the end that doesn’t matter here, because the amount of stuff they can prevent from happening is just a small subset of what could happen to an OS installation.

OSes are much too complex for vendors to foresee or test every possibility of how automatic procedures like upgrades or possible interactions with any App might turn out.
Or you could say the software industry as a whole is still missing tools or regulations to properly manage the levels of complexity it generates itself.

Anyway … if you are not suffering from a hardware defect and you want to have a working phone, then wiping the phone completely, formatting the data partition, and then installing from scratch whatever OS and OS version you want will restore the phone to a working state.
That’s what a factory reset should do, but in our case doesn’t. And the wiping which a manual installation of Fairphone OS or Fairphone Open OS does by itself will delete all files, but might leave the directory structure intact.
Usually the pseudo factory resets and the manual installation procedures work out like intended somehow nonetheless, but if not … really installing from scratch is the choice left.

If you are not feeling confident about it, which I can understand because it all seems drastic, perhaps #fairphoneangels could assist, if you happen to have any in the vicinity.
Links to the manual installation files for Android 6 are given in the downgrade section of the post mentioned before.

I agree with the comments here - I got a Fairphone 2 specifically for the dual SIM which is now useless and I am not confident enough to downgrade to Android 6. I am looking at a different brand of dual SIM phone.
But in the meantime…I also have a question:
I live in UK and have a Russian and UK SIM. as I visit my son in Russia often. If I have both SIMS enabled, Russian in slot 1 and UK in slot 2 - which mobile data will kick in when I arrive in Russia? Will the Russian mobile data work and the UK not (which obviously is what I want)I don’t want to be paying for UK Mobile data when in Russia . Previously I disabled the UK one on arrival.


This basic functionality needs to available again for android 7.
Removing my business sim for holiday or weekend is not an option .
So hopefully FP is working on that O.O…

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After updating my phone last night to OS 19.02.1, this function is till not working. I am really disappointed since this issue is being raised as a bug and at this forum, the reply from Fairphone has been mentioning waiting for the update.
What I really would like to know: when is this bug going to be fixed, or doesn’t Fairphone see/work on this one as a bug?
The Fairphone community is a very committed community, but the way this is being handled it looks like Fairphone is not treating this loyalty very well.
Please Fairphone: be clear and committed to the owners and participants of this movement!!

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