Difficult to pick up a call

Hello all,
I just got a fairphone 2 back, I reset it then set up my google account.
The phone works well overall (sometimes a little slow, but that’s normal I think these days!), however, when I get a call, I can slide up the green button, but it doesn’t pick up the first time, I have to try several times, and sometimes I miss the call because despite 3 or 4 attempts, it does not pick up at all.
Has anyone had this same problem?
Is there a solution? For example, to have a simple button to press, instead of sliding up?

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maybe try another phone app, like the one from simple mobile tools?


thanks for the idea, so simple I did’nt think about it :smiley: !
I installed google phone app (instead of default one), and it pick up perfectly :wink:

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