Difference /e/OS for FP3 and FP3+

Hey, I’m really new in smartphones.
I would like to change my operating system on my Fairephone 3 plus.
I can‘t find any special /e/OS version for the Fairephone 3 plus on the site Smartphone Selector. There‘s only the system for FP2 and FP3.
Does anybody know if the FP3plus works also with the same /e/OS-version like FP3?

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/e/OS (Android 9) for the FP3 will work only partially on the FP3+ for now and will downgrade it from Android 10 to Android 9. It won’t support the (new) camera modules of the FP3+, other than that it’s fully functional. /e/ is working on it and eyes a late October release of /e/OS (Android 10) for the FP3 that will also support the FP3+ and its new camera modules.

So I’d suggest you give it just a few more weeks wait. :slight_smile:


Hi urs_lesse,

now I flashed my FP3+ with the newest /e/OS (https://images.ecloud.global/dev/FP3/: ), but when I started it I couldn’t do any phone calls. The screen was frozen and after a while the phone-App crashed. Sending messages via SMS was possible. Also apps like firefox or map works. But the sound e. g. clock or VLC or other media files doesn’t work.

Then I decided to flash the FP3+ again but not with the newest version of /e/OS but the second newest version. The same problems like before. I also tested to take the sim-card in the second sim-slot. But here is the same problem. I knew that the camera isn’t able to use with /e/ on FP3+ yet. I tought it only won’t support the new camera modules, but is other than that fully funcional?

So: What can I do?
There isn’t any update or a newest version of /e/OS for the FP3+ yet, is it?

I don’t have a FP3 but the images you linked seem to be Pie-based(Android 9).
You’ll have to wait longer: probably development is taking more time then planned.

No, the FP3+ requires Android 10.
E.g. the new cameras do not work under the Android 9 versions available.
Then there is a slightly changed speaker module and audio handling.

Therefore you will have to stick to the Fairphone Android 10 for the time being.
But /e/ has announced, to be working on Android 10 and it schould only be a matter of weeks, from what I last read.

But that’s virtually, what @urs_lesse already posted (a few weeks ago). :wink:


Thanks, I did overlook that /e/OS (Android 9) probably doesn’t support the FP3+ speaker module either, so I was indeed not 100% correct back then. It’s not just the camera module and the top module, it’s also the speaker module.


There’s just been an announcement on the /e/ forum.

In short:

We will publish Q beta for multiple devices (including FP3/FP3+) in the next couple of hours.


Is that beta accessible for registered beta users only?

I think it’s a public beta. Can you access the URL for https://images.ecloud.global/dev/oneplus3/ for example? Seems like the Q builds show up in the dev channel which is public (once they are available for a device).



The version number says something with “0.12-p” in it where “p” stands for “Pie” aka. Android 9, not 10.
I assume this is the long awaited fix of the 0.12 release which was fucked up in the first attempts.

Edit: I can understand that lots of people are eager to get the Android 10 build of /e/ which will support the FP3+. But my recommendation: just wait for the official announcement :wink:

Edit2: this reply doesn’t make sense anymore as the post I was replying to has been deleted (it was about a new install file for the FP3, but that was not the Q beta yet)


Hey Ingo,
the link you shared contains .zip-folders with the ending “0.12-q” not p. So it should be aka. Android 10, shouldn’t it?
Is it for a oneplus3-device or does it also work on the FP3/FP3+?
But the unpacked folder contains only a boot.img. Do I only need to flash the boot.img or the whole OS?
What about speaker module? Is the img possible for the speaker? If the camera module won’t work with this img, I can wait. But it would be very nice if I can do calls…

Another question: In the e.foundation-shop you can buy the new FP3+ mit /e/OS (https://esolutions.shop/de/shop/e-os-fairphone-3-plus/).
Why isn’t there an /e/OS to flash the FP3+ seperatly?

I’m a little confused.

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I guess the confusion comes from the fact that I was replying to a post that has been deleted in the meantime.
You can just ignore it.


One doubt, what are the main differences between pie, q, and all the this cute names that you use to use XD Thanks!

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BTW, there are still some issues with the Android 10 build for the FP3/FP3+: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues?scope=all&utf8=✓&state=opened&label_name[]=FP3&label_name[]=q

Most notably the one about the phone no longer being able to boot when a fingerprint is set up to unlock the phone.
And the upgrade from 9 to 10 isn’t tested yet a.k.a. most likely doesn’t work at the moment.
Also, bluetooth audio isn’t working yet (even if external speakers are connected, sound still comes from the phone).


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