Dictionary Entry: ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

Android Debug Bridge

The Android Debug Bridge (or ADB) is a command line toolkit (in the Android #dic:sdk ) which allows communicating with an Android device.
To use it, you must have installed the SDK (on your computer) and allow USB debugging in the #dic:developeroptions . Be careful, you could soft #dic:bricked your phone with some ADB actions. ADB can be used to do a full #dic:backup , move individual files to a computer or manually install (“sideload”) Android software (#dic:apk) to your Fairphone.

For Windows there is a small solution to install an ADB without the whole SDK, the Minimal ADB and Fastboot. It also comes with MyPhoneExplorer located in the subdirectory DLL of its installation. See here for a HowTo.

For many Linux derivates you can find small packages for the ADB without the need for installing the whole SDK. For example, for most Debian distros you will find the packages “android-tools-adb” & and “android-tools-fastboot”.