Delivery hasn't arrived/Little communication from Fairphone

Hi all,

I ordered a fairphone 3+ last week and I was informed by both UPS and Fairphone that my delivery would arrive yesterday, 05/02/2021. However, it hasn’t arrived (even though I took a day off work, eagerly waiting for it!). UPS have informed me that even though the tracker says it is in London, it is infact still in the Netherlands. Fairphone have proved rather difficult to get in contact with. Very frustrating! Obviously, there are problems in the supply chain, with Brexit and Covid, but has anyone else felt misled about the delivery service they paid for?It’s a real shame as better communicaton and a more realistic delvery time would have avoided a lot of this stress and not knowing where my product is.

Has anyone else had similar problems? If so, how long did it take? I am about to request a forced refund through my bank, as I feel I have been misled by both Fairphone and UPS. A shame if it has come to that already. What is everyone’s experience with Fairphone Cusomter Service?

As far as delivery goes I received mine in a few days, Oct 20, my daughter’s took 10 days in Dec 20, and as you point out the brexit issue has a number of issues due to taxing etc.

Check out UK sales in post 10 of the above.

Other than that support, according to some reports on this user forum is very slow relative to expectations and sometimes z z z z :slight_smile:

EDIT 1 My daughter had to wait 5 days longer than was initially stated.

Seems more UPS’ fault than Fairphone’s fault. Fairphone just gives the phone to UPS to have it delivered.

I suppose you don’t order stuff online from another country often? Not to be rude or anything, but these kind of thing are really quite common, delivery companies overpromise with this all the time. I don’t think it is fair to be upset with Fairphone over UPS giving you an unrealistic estimate.

Haven’t you received a tracking link? Those do most of the time update more often. It would really surprise me if the tracking link would have said the delivery estimate hadn’t changed the day before.

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FYI: a snowstorm disrupted traffic in the Netherlands this weekend, so expect further delays for parcels leaving the country. There is a good chance that there are no shipments to the UK tomorrow due to the weather conditions as UPS will probably use any available capacity for (more expensive) express parcels.


Thanks for the heads up! The storm has just landed in London, hopefully a rare snowday tomorrow.

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Fairphone told me it would arrive on 05/02/2021. The tracking link stated the phone would arrive before 9pm 05/02/2021. This then changed to ‘Check back tomorrow for a new delivery date’ at around 10pm 05/02/2021. UPS told me the tracking link updates automatically, there’s no need for the package to actually be scanned a long its journey - which makes no sense to me.

I’m not annoyed it has taken longer than 5 days for the phone to arrive. I’m annoyed that I was directly told via a personal email, by Fairphone, that it would arrive on 05/02/2021. It’s Fairphone’s supply chain and they are who I have paid, my grievance is with Fairphone, not UPS.

Backing up @TheLastProject said
Fairphone only give you the ETA date UPS tell them once UPS have picked the parcel up. Fairphone have no control once UPS have it, so maybe Fairphone shouldn’t take UPS at their word but they do and inform you.

Things don’t work sometimes the way I want, and there’s no one to blame, but I greive

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Would that be the same if someone send you a birthday present 5 days in advance, that got delayd by the local mail service for a week and therefore arrived late? Would you blame the sender or the mail service?
I just wonder.


Hi again
First the cost for delivery is the cost of UPS I imagine so Fairphone did their part by employing them, that UPS hasn’t been able to carry out their promise to Fairphone concerns you. Clearly your can levy your disappointment at Fairphone who in turn will communicate this to UPS.

You say you have difficulties communicating with Fairphone. I imagine you emailed FP the day after the phone didn’t arrive. Did you get any reply to the proposed email?

You have a legal right to cancel your order if it hasn’t been received, Did you cancel it? You need not give any reason as in the UK you have that option up to 14 days after receipt.

Hopefully you receive the phone and have at least then the 14 days to see what it is you were thinking of buying :slight_smile:

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You may find the following post provides some comfort

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I’m in the UK and my FF just arrived today (shipping confirmation email from FF sent on 5 Jan). I lost count of how many ‘Your shipment is scheduled to be delivered today/on a specific date’ messages I got. The first delivery estimate was 13 Jan (which would have been within the UPS 3-7 working days estimate). Each date came and went…

The reason is Brexit, and my phone was stuck in Eindhoven for weeks: ‘The package is delayed due to a BREXIT related disruption. We are adjusting delivery plans as quickly as possible’. I can’t blame UPC as this is an unprecedented situation, but do wish they would do something about their tracking information and estimated delivery dates. In the end it arrived a day before the final estimate! Much to my relief, after all the horror stories, there were no additional customs or admin charges.


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