Deleted "recent apps"-panel

Help! I think I deleted the “recent apps”-panel! Is there any way to undo it/get it back/create a new panel?

Quoting @Irina_Spitznagel from another thread.

“Widgets are mini-apps that run on your home screens.
In order to get them back or install others, you have to long press on an empty spot of one of your homescreens and then select Widgets.
Look for “My Apps” and then drag it to the right side, until a new homescreen is generated where you can drop it.” [/quote]


Thank you, it worked! Until I installed a new android-version, then two of my homescreens disappeared. Now I´ve tried to generate new ones, but I simply can´t find “My Apps” among the Widgets-list. Can anyone help?

The widget is no longer part of FP Os since the upgrade to Android 6. As a community effort the FP specific features from Android 5 will be released as Apps on F-Droid though, more on this here:

(so far the “My Contacts” widget was released, more coming soon hopefully :slight_smile:)

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