Deep data recovery and root after a bug with SD and internal memory fusion

Two days ago I put an SD chip in my wife’s PF3+ and after a moment Android suggested merging the internal memory with the SD.
After reading the instructions and accepting a couple of dialog windows explaining that I had to format the SD card, which was empty, it all worked perfectly. There were 6,000 photos and videos of my new born baby and suddenly everything started to go wrong, I couldn’t take photos and all the videos and photos disappeared. I went from having 60gb used to only 20gb in a couple of hours.
Everything disappeared and it was impossible to restore data from SD memory with more than 10 data recovery programs for PC.

Now I want to know if it is possible to root my FP3+ without wipe and overdraw my old data, and then recover everything with DroidKit, DisckDigger, Recuva, etc.

Is formatting required to root? Is it easy to root and un-root?
After recovering the photos, if I reset my phone, will everything return to normal (Root + TWRP)?
Do you have any other program to recover data that you recommend that does not require root? I think it doesn’t exist.

Thank you very much for your answers and do not hesitate to share your experiences if something similar happens to you.
I am devastated ):

Many people lost data because the SD card was formatted as internal extension, you will find the examples by reading a bit in the forum. So we always recommemnd to format as external.

How to root is also explained in the forum, the bootloader needs to be unlocked and if this is not yet the case, this will wipe all data.


The tools you mentioned didnt help others


If this means you took the card out of the phone to read it with a card reader on the computer …
Setting the card up as Internal Storage deliberately renders that impossible because the card then gets encrypted together with the built-in Internal Storage, see our sdcardguide .


Why is “Format as internal storage” not disabled in settings?